Article Submission Guidelines

Regenerate Magazine is always looking for article writers!

Regenerate Magazine provides readers with information on living a holistic lifestyle from a MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS, and GREEN LIFESTYLE perspective. We also have continuing features about Leveling Up your Wellness Career, so coaching articles are also encouraged. We welcome non-fiction articles which empower our readers in any of these areas.

But why would you write for Regenerate Magazine? Here are a few reasons:

You’ll reach a global audience with print and on-line exposure

Once your article has been accepted and published on the site, we’ll do our part to make sure that it reaches as many eyeballs as possible. Your article will be published in the quarterly print issue of Regenerate Magazine, featured on the Regenerate Magazine website and popular Facebook page.

You’ll help inform people and possibly change their lives

We have a targeted, educated readership actively shopping for high integrity products and services to support holistic and sustainable lifestyles. Regenerate Magazine readers are actively working to improve themselves and the planet.

Realize your professional goals

You can parlay your articles into attracting more clients, becoming recognized as a knowledgeable authority and grow your brand. All this can be achieved simply by writing great articles that get people interested in what you have to say.

Important guidelines for writing for Regenerate Magazine

It has to be ORIGINAL content

This means that your article has not appeared or has been submitted anywhere else (including blog postings less than 6 months old). The content you submit to us is 100% brand new to print publication. However once your article appears on my site we are more than happy for you to share it elsewhere. All we ask is that you include a link back to the article page and a short sentence like “First published in Regenerate Magazine“.

It has to be brand neutral

All articles that are submitted by guest writers must be brand neutral; they are not meant to be a platform for you to advertise your business or products.

If you quote anyone, please make sure you attribute it

Please let our readers know where you saw the quote and who wrote it.

Please support all health claims

If you mention a statistic or a health claim in your article please include a link to the source of your information. This way readers will be able to investigate your source further if it’s a topic they find interesting.

You will be edited

We review and edit every article before it gets published. Please know that it is not personal. Our only goals are to 1) make your article the best that it can be and 2) reach as many people as possible.

Be nice

We will not publish material which attacks, demeans or seeks to negate others.

Questions to ask yourself before submitting your article to Regenerate Magazine:

  • Has this already been covered in Regenerate?
  • Is my article informative, inspiring, educational or related?
  • Do I have a great title? (A great title will grab a visitors attention and make them want to read more)
  • Is my first paragraph awesome? (Your first paragraph must entice the reader so that they will want to read more, it needs to tell the reader very clearly what your article is about)
  • Does my article offer tips and information that readers can take action on? (Many readers will be coming to Regenerate Magazine to find solutions to their problems. A great article will provide tips that support and help them in their lives.)

Does all of this make you want to take action and submit an article? Great! All you have to do is the following if you are ready to submit your article:

Article Submissions Must

  • Adhere to word count limits – we accept articles with 650, 900 or 1200 words
  • Be submitted by email to
  • Include a short description (bio) of author of 50 words or less to be added to the end of your article. (Where appropriate, you are welcome to use the final bio-paragraph to inform the reader about your business and how to contact you.)
  • Include a photo of the author (see photo instructions below)
  • Include writer’s name, address and phone.

Submission Deadlines

  • November 10th for January/February/March issue
  • February 10th for April/May/June issue
  • May 10th for July/August/September issue
  • August 10th for October/November/December issue

Photo, Art, Picture and Illustration Instructions:

If you have art to illustrate your article or suggestions for art, they are welcome as well. We welcome any pictures or graphics that help illustrate the story. If your article is chosen for publication, we make every effort to use your graphics, but as with the text, we reserve the right to use, edit or substitute graphics as we determine is best for our readers.

Please send electronic photos or art at 300 dpi resolution or higher. Please send electronic photos or art at 300 dpi resolution or higher, or send original photos to the mailing address. Do not embed photos or pictures in text document. Send original color or black and white photos or art — do not send halftones. Electronic art files are preferred.

We do not offer cash payment for articles. All submissions must be the original work of the author or artist.

Regenerate Magazine does not copyright any of the material published. Writers may wish to copyright their own material.