Brand-Neutral Article Submission Guidelines is always looking for article writers! provides readers with information on living a holistic lifestyle from a fierce MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS and GREEN LIFESTYLE perspective. 

We will focus on a different topic every 2 months and welcome empowering contributions that are consistent with these focal points.

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For 2018, our online editorial plan is:

Jan/Feb: The Being Born Issue. Somehow this thing that’s been going on since the beginning of time has gotten very complicated. Topics to consider – this is by no means a complete list: how pregnancy and childbirth have become medical conditions, how to prepare your body for pregnancy, how to have a healthy pregnancy, child birthing options, the value of breastfeeding, dangers of vaccines and pharmaceuticals, etc.

Mar/Apr: The Fierce Crone Issue. I want to hear women of all ages roar by writing an article that answers this question,”What has been your biggest life lesson thus far? Or, what do you want other women to know?” Our knowledge, wisdom and intuition have been mitigated for too long. It’s time to claim this shit.

May/June: The Food Issue. Who else lives to eat? Submit your articles about what real food is and isn’t, where to find it, why it’s important, better choices we can all make and recipes for your favorite dishes. Those recipes that include chocolate will be given priority. Kidding!

July/August: The Informed Consent Issue. It’s impossible to grant informed consent for a vaccine when the medical establishment recites the “They are all safe, effective and necessary” lie. Let’s talk about what vaccines are really doing to our bodies and brains so that more of us can protect our families.

Sept/Oct: The Holistic Pet Care Issue. Did you know that 40% of dogs die from cancer and 30% of cats from kidney disease? WTF?!  What’s bad for hoomans is bad for our furry companions as well, such as processed foods, vaccines and lack of exercise. Hey, what’s good for us is also good for them, such as massage, acupuncture, and homeopathy, to name a few. Let’s provide some serious education about what these modalities can do for our pets so they don’t leave us far too soon.

Nov/Dec: Hmmm…

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