Musician Channels the Glass Armonica for Sound Healing

By Phyllis Kennemer The music of the glass armonica seems to speak directly to the soul. It surrounds and enfolds the listener in a sense of harmony and joy. This feeling of wellbeing is conducive to meditation and to healing. I continue to be amazed that I have been privileged to experience this exquisite sound. Following my private musical presentation, I spent a couple of hours with Greg Temmer in his home in Fort Collins, Colorado, in an effort to learn more about this unusual instrument and his experiences with it. Greg is one of only approximately 22 people...

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Cupping Therapy, the Hot New Trend in Holistic Medicine

By Phyllis Kennemer I now have something in common with a number of celebrities and movies stars. I have experienced one of the latest fads in holistic medicine — cupping therapy. Actually, the practice of cupping has been around for thousands of years, but it has been recently rediscovered in Hollywood. Some of its high-profile advocates include Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ralph Feinnes. They have all been seen with the tell-tale circles visible on their backs. Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine in which round cups (no relation to tea cups) are placed on the skin...

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By Phyllis Kennemer Dolphins are the most attractive and intriguing form of marine life. Jacques-Yves Cousteau  Although Jacques-Yves Cousteau garnered a lot of attention for his work with dolphins, he was not the first to become enchanted with these amazing creatures. Dolphins have held fascination for people since prehistoric times. They appear in ancient myths, literature and art. Archeological findings dating back to 14,000 BC depict dolphins as sacred animals. Mythologies originating in many cultures feature dolphins rescuing people, aiding fishermen and forming friendships with humans. Dolphins often appear to be friendly toward humans and swim close to the...

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Embracing the Mystery: Bill Worrell

By Phyllis Kennemer Worrell is a wandering man, a wandering soul. He came from the desert; he returns again and again to the desert; the desert gives him life. And what a life he has lived in his 78 years so far! At the present time Worrell is an artist, an author, a poet and a musician. He lives mostly in Mason, Texas, where he creates sculptures, paintings, poems, songs and books. He has an art gallery named after him in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he also maintains a casita (a little adobe house). Worrell’s art career was...

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Peace Poles Unite a Divided World

By Phyllis Kennemer MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH The above message, written in almost every known language, appears on more than 200,000 Peace Poles in nearly every country on earth. Peace Poles are hand crafted monuments made of wood, metal, stone or other elements. Poles usually have four or six sides. The message, sometimes referred to as a prayer, “May Peace Prevail on Earth,” is displayed in the language of the country where the pole is placed and repeated in three or more languages on the sides of the pole. This universal message for world peace began in Japan...

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