A Message from Mary Magdalene

by Phyllis K. Kennemer “I sensed an arm across my shoulders with a hand on my right side. It was a kind touch; someone wanting to comfort me. But no one else was present. No human being was standing next to me. I stood there for awhile – frozen, powerless to connect with this extraordinary happening.” Alain Clarinval in the crypt identified as Mary Magdalene’s burial site, Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, France. September 11, 2013. Alain Clarinval’s life totally changed on that September day in 2013. He believes that Mary Magdalene chose him to spread her message to the world. His first...

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Can a Plant-Based Diet Make You Healthier?

by Phyllis Kennemer Our bodies are amazing! These bodies we live in come with their own internal aptitude for perfect health; they are always striving to maintain balance within the system. Think about a small cut or scratch on the skin and how quickly it heals. Then think about the things you usually don’t think about — air going into and out of your lungs, your heart pumping blood, and your food digesting. The body is created to maintain perfect health. If our natural state is optimum health, why do so many people contract chronic diseases as they age?...

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Acupuncture, Inger Giffin

BellaSpark is an outspoken supporter of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. But, even though we’ve run articles on dozens of modalities, we’ve rarely offered first-hand reviews of the actual client experience. For 2015, we decided to challenge our staff to seek out new (and, in some cases, “old”) alternative healing modalities that they found interesting. We then asked them to schedule a session with a local practitioner and report back to the magazine on their experience. By Phyllis Kennemer I have had an abiding curiosity about acupuncture since 1980 when I was on a tour of China. One of the...

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Get A Grip on Gift Giving

By Phyllis Kennemer Does gift giving cause you stress during the holiday season? Could it be that you are caught up in “rules” for gifts that produce anxiety and may no longer be serving you? Take a few minutes to reflect about the following tenets of gift giving and consider your own “rules.” Perhaps it is time to think about changes that could increase your enjoyment of the upcoming season. Rules of Gift Giving Rule 1: Reciprocity – Get a gift; give a gift. Do you feel like every gift you receive demands a gift in return? Suppose your...

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Ben Franklin‘s Glass Armonica Still Mesmerizes Audiences

By Phyllis Kennemer Quickly, name all of Benjamin Franklin’s inventions. Did you remember the lightning rod, bifocal eyeglasses and the Franklin stove? Yes, of course, but what about swim fins, the odometer, the flexible urinary catheter and the long arm reaching device. Well, maybe. Do you know which invention Franklin is quoted as saying gave him the most satisfaction of all? No? It was the glass armonica. Benjamin Franklin was, indeed, a genius. He is well known as a statesman, writer and inventor, but few people know that he was also an accomplished musician. He played several instruments and...

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