Watsu: A Spiritual Experience

By Phyllis K. Kennemer Can you imagine the feeling of having no sense of gravity? I am not talking about going into outer space. It is possible to have this sensation right here in Colorado. It happens during Watsu sessions. Watsu is a form of aquatic bodywork used for physical rehabilitation, muscle therapy and deep relaxation. Watsu is performed in a pool filled with chest-deep salt water. Unlike most therapy pools with higher temperatures, water in Watsu pools is maintained at body temperature. Thus, the body does not need to exert any energy to warm up or cool down....

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Sacred Space: Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre

by Phyllis K. Kennemer To enter a Basilica is to enter a sacred place where an atmosphere of peace reigns. It is the House of God. Let us discover this place, whose decoration is like a history book, a sacred history, our history. From the website of the Shrine of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre www.sactuairesaintanne.org Entering the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre transports the individual into an inspiring atmosphere of art and beauty. Magnificent sculptures, carvings, tiles, and windows all combine to lift the spirit and touch the soul. I wandered around, absorbed in the exquisite splendor of the place. Then I sat in...

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Sacred Spaces

By Phyllis K. Kennemer Writing articles for Bella Spark Magazine for the past eight years has contributed to my life in many positive and joyful ways. My life has been enriched through my experiences with researching intriguing topics, interviewing interesting people, interacting with my writers’ group, and writing, writing, writing. As I have been reviewing past articles and reflecting on their influence in my life, I realized that my interaction with these topics and people has led me into a lovely variety of sacred spaces, which have enabled me to awaken the wisdom within myself. These sacred spaces are...

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Have you had The Conversation?

by Phyllis Kennemer “When I helped found the Conversation Project, I thought we were doing this for people who were dying. … What I have learned is that the conversation is also a legacy. This is the gift, maybe the last gift, we can give one another.” Ellen Goodman, New York Times blog, July 1, 2015 Ellen Goodman, one of the founders of The Conversation Project, expresses regrets about the ways in which both of her parents died. Her dad died of cancer at the age of 57, but those around him did not acknowledge the truth of his...

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The Power of Self-Love

by Phyllis Kennemer “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Mark 12:31 When Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” he was telling us to start with self-love. We often ignore that piece of his wise counsel and twist it to mean, love others more than ourselves. That is not what he said. He expected us to love ourselves first. Loving ourselves does not mean that we are vain or egotistical or selfish. It means that we are starting with the basics. If we do not love ourselves, then we are not in a space to love others. If we do...

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