The Only True Immunity

By Phil Silberman Your baby may be a twinkle in your eye, or floating comfortably within your womb, or she may be 40 years old with children of her own. To the massive and deeply corrupt pharmaceutical industry, she, and every other man, woman, and child on the planet, are seen as merely an endless source of revenue, from birth to death. According to industry magazine “Pharmaceutical Commerce” the projected global growth rate for the pharmaceutical  industry is 6.3% through 2022, up from the 5% for the 2014-2020 period. Total revenue for the industry is expected to reach $1.12...

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Reclaiming Ancient Wisdom

By Phil Silberman Discussions and articles about vaccines often delve into what science is and what it is not. Vaccine promoters might accuse vaccine skeptics of being “anti-science”; of equating the audacity to question the safety and efficacy of vaccines with the theocratic doubting of the roundness or ancientness of the earth. Vaccine skeptics, in turn, charge pharmaceutical enthusiasts with employing “tobacco science”; of using the same methods and manipulations the tobacco industry used for decades to “prove” their products were safe. While the analysis of data is crucial to the conversation, the game of dueling scientific studies can...

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What is the Law Regarding Vaccinating in Colorado?

By Phil Silberman According to Colorado State law, a parent may obtain an exemption from any or all vaccines for their child by simply submitting a signed “Statement of Exemption” directly to the child’s school. The “Statement of Exemption” should include: • Child’s Name • Child’s Age (for privacy, NOT date of birth) • Vaccines being declined • The ‘type’ of exemption you are using; religious or personal belief • Date of submission • Your name and signature  That is all and this will need to be submitted every year. If you want a Medical Exemption you need a signed...

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Protecting Vaccine Choice in Colorado

By Phil Silberman Colorado is one of sixteen states in the US in which parents are allowed, by law, to claim a personal belief, religious, or medical exemption from vaccinating their children. Thirty-two other states allow for religious and medical exemptions and two states, California and Mississippi, allow only for medical exemptions. Although these rights have been protected by statute in Colorado since 1963, there are constant legislative and administrative attempts to restrict and even eliminate these rights. California, for example, recently passed legislation which eliminates nearly all vaccine choice; every child, every shot, no exceptions, no exemptions. The rare...

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