Protecting Vaccine Exemptions

Colorado Coalition for Vaccine Choice Top Ten List for Protecting Vaccine Exemptions CCVC and Regenerate Magazine hosted Back-to-School Vaccine Awareness events in Fort Collins, Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs this summer. During the presentation, CCVC Board Member Pam Long would go over this Top Ten list. Check it out, get involved and reach out to CCVC at if you have any questions or need support. 1. Contact lawmakers and school administrators when exemption laws and rights are violated and explain why vaccine exemptions are important. Provide exemption statute that shows “official” CDPHE forms for exemptions are not required....

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How the MMR Vaccine Caused My Son’s Encephalopathy, a.k.a. Autism

By Pam Long In 2016 I found myself waiting at a Colorado doctor’s office with my 12-year-old son, hoping to qualify for a cannabis prescription for him. I had traveled a long way from mainstream medicine in ten years. As a West Point graduate, Army Medical Service Corps Junior Officer of the Year and Medical Intelligence Officer for NATO Peacekeeping Forces, none of those experiences adequately prepared me for the greatest medical challenge and controversy of our time. My toddler son had suffered a vaccine induced brain injury from the MMR vaccine in 2005. The Harvard trained physician I...

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