To Eat or Not To Eat? Foods You Need to Avoid Before Going to Sleep

By Lucy Miller A quick bite before bed might sound tantalizing, but did you know certain foods can actually hinder falling asleep? While there are foods to help you doze off, some are especially troublesome for those who are bed-bound. Instead of reaching for whatever’s available, check out these foods to avoid before going to sleep. You’ll be better off waiting until morning. Chocolate Chocolate might make a great dessert, but you’ll want to have it at least three hours before bedtime (as you generally should regardless of what you eat). The sugar content will load you up with...

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Six Life Hacks To Fight Stress

By Lucy Miller Today’s modern lifestyles can leave many of us feeling stressed and overstretched. Many people are balancing personal and work lives while trying to find time for self-care. While making major life changes is the ultimate path to achieving a less stressful lifestyle, it is not always an option for everyone. However, by learning how to become aware of stressful situations and managing your reaction, you can fight stress without making major lifestyle changes. Here are some tips. Breathing Deeply The best tool you can use to fight stress is already within you, it’s as simple as...

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