A Body-Mind-Spirit Approach to Cancer

By Linda King, C.HT., FEP, Reiki Master/Teacher, LUXMANI Practitioner Dealing with a cancer diagnosis can be a frightening experience. But what if we consider the cancer journey from a different perspective, such as the lessons we are supposed to learn from the experience. Might it be less frightening and even an important part of our soul’s evolution?       When a person gets cancer, it may be helpful to understand why he or she got it in the first place. I’ve always admired the work of Louise Hay and appreciate her wisdom. For over 40 years, Louise has written...

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Bringing Stress Levels Down Naturally…

By Linda King, C.HT., FEP, Reiki Master/Teacher, Luxmani Practitioner Stress can come into our lives from all different sources: changing jobs (particularly getting fired or laid off), a move, a death, divorce, money problems, deadlines, health problems or retiring, to name a few. Sometimes the stress may be brought on from our environment: too much noise, pollution, toxins, crowds or EMFs. The question is, how to deal with the stress so it does not adversely impact our health? Stress affects each person differently and in varying degrees. It can appear as tension in the back, neck and shoulders, elevated blood...

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