Eat Well to Work Well

By Kristen Metsch It’s almost 9:15 pm as I pull into my garage and realize I don’t remember anything about my drive home from Denver. I was commuting at the time and often faded in and out during the long drive. At the time, I figured my problem was not drinking enough coffee so I naturally increased my daily habit of one cup of coffee to two… and so on. A few weeks go by after increasing the caffeine and I start experiencing new symptoms that develop into a new set of health concerns. Quite frankly, I was miserable....

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How to Achieve Mindfulness at Work

By Kristen Metsch Achieving mindfulness while at work starts with awareness. The subtle practice of intentionally spending a moment to check in with your current state of being. How are you feeling? Is there a deadline at work causing anxiety and frustration? Is there a co-worker affecting your emotional stability? How about home life? Have any personal issues crept into the workplace? Mindfulness at its simplest is the moment-to-moment awareness outside and inside yourself. It took me some time to finally put this practice as one of the highest behaviors on my priority list. At first, there was the...

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