Rekindled Love

By Kathryn Mattingly My husband and I married young and began having our four children shortly thereafter. It was a glorious time as we nurtured, mentored and guided each of them into adulthood. Then one day they were raised and gone. Trying to Fill The Void  To fill the void in our hearts we moved to the city with our careers and soon grew apart as we became immersed in separate interests. This was compounded by an unexpected financial disaster. The pain of our distant emotional state and disastrous economic situation overwhelmed both of us. Our once happy loving...

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Arrows in the Dark

By Kathryn Mattingly Doing the best we can with our immediate circumstances is a little like shooting arrows in the dark sometimes. You have no idea where the arrows will land, but you hope occasionally one will hit dead center in the core of what you need most. Sometimes an arrow hits its mark just when you least expect it, when you are no longer listening for it to connect with anything. Where It All Began When the private college where I taught closed, I decided to become a private tutor in order to rise from the rubble of...

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