Overcoming Mental Roadblocks

By Judith Albright For a time life can go along with ease … then it doesn’t. One day you realize something is different. Your daily life feels emptier. You lack incentive in the morning and are less eager to begin your day. Life has lost meaning and work is without joy. The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction which has sustained you is gone. You may feel disinterested, unchallenged or unappreciated and this has begun to effect your attitude. Motivation is on a downhill spiral. You drift from day to day without a clear idea of what you want or...

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It’s Time to Cast Off Shame

by Judith Albright How many times have you heard someone say, “Shame on you!” or, “You should be ashamed of yourself”? Maybe you heard these words yourself when you were growing up. For countless years, adults have used guilt and shame to control children and keep them in line. Unfortunately this is still happening today and is being passed on to yet another generation. The effects, both then and now, are long-lasting and destructive. Being shamed as a child often creates a lifelong negative belief that one is a “bad” person, somehow flawed and not good enough. When we...

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Lessons We Can Learn from Geese

by Judith Albright Did your parents, grandparents or teachers ever tell you that “many hands make light work?” We probably all heard that at some time, but when we hit the rough spots of life it is so easy to hide behind our pride and try to go it alone. Many of us were taught to “suck it up” and not bother anyone else with our troubles. But when we are invested in “not being a bother” or are too embarrassed or ashamed to seek help or even admit we have a problem, we are like solitary birds trying...

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Envisioning Success: The Power of Visualization

By Judith Albright Volumes have been written in recent years about the power of visualization, which has been utilized by countless people throughout the ages by everyone from Aristotle to Tiger Woods. Centuries ago Aristotle said, “The soul cannot think without pictures. The reasoning mind thinks in the form of images… As the mind determines the objects it should pursue or avoid in terms of these images, even in the absence of sensation, it is stimulated to action when occupied with them.” The concept of creative visualization gained momentum after the movie The Secret came out. In that movie...

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When Will I Be Good Enough?

by Judith Albright There is no need to carry the burden of other people’s negative opinions Have you spent most of your life feeling unworthy or somehow inferior? How many times have you held yourself back or prevented yourself from doing something you really wanted to do because you were convinced you weren’t “good enough?” This insidious belief is the silent saboteur that prevents us from going to college, seeking a promotion, finding a better job, signing up for the art class we always wanted to take, learning to play the piano, finding the right partner, and on and...

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