Do You Expect to Get Cancer?

By Judith Albright How many times have you said, or heard someone say, “Cancer runs in my family so I’m likely to get it too.” This means that because of your family history, you are expecting to have cancer at some point in your life. Yet there are numerous people who have contracted cancer without any family history of it at all, so there has to be more to it than that. Nonetheless, the idea of genetic predisposition is promoted and reinforced by medical professionals who spout statistics and predictions about who is doomed to be next. This is...

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Food: Our Emotional Security Blanket

By Judith Albright  From the time we were children it was drummed into us that we must eat three meals every day (maybe even more!) to keep up our strength, give us energy, and make sure we didn’t get sick from malnutrition. We got the message. But what came along with it? If there was no reason for eating other than to fuel our body, would we ever overdose on turnips, liver and onions or pickled tongue? Probably not! Then what makes us want to eat an entire bag of candy, a plateful of spaghetti, a supersized Big Mac...

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Keeping a Lid on Holiday Stress Without Boiling Over

By Judith Albright For centuries the winter holidays have traditionally been a time for reflection, worship, spiritual renewal and connecting with family. But in recent years the reasons for the season have become increasingly obscured by mass marketing and the media. If we are to believe what we see on TV, holidays should be a magic time when loving friends and families come together, dreams come true, problems are solved, and all expectations are met in two hours of prime time. And, if we just buy the latest and greatest thing or gadget, our happiness is assured. But we...

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Is Your Mind Compromising Your Health?

By Judith Albright The last time you had a cold, unspecified ache or pain, or just felt under the weather, did it occur to you your state of mind might have had something to do with it? You may think, “That’s a crazy idea — just caught a bug.” And you did.However, there may have been underlying reasons why. Commonly these are: • Stress and how you cope or don’t cope with it • Your subconscious beliefs about your health and body Whether we recognize the symptoms or not, stress is a factor of daily life — getting stuck...

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New Beginnings

By Judith Albright May and June have long been a time for both endings and beginnings. Perhaps there is something in the air or the changing light of a new season which opens our hearts and quickens our steps. Late spring is a time of rebirth and growth. Plants end their dormancy, put on new leaves and start shooting upward. Newly graduated high school and college students end their school years and turn their faces to the future. This is a favorite time for engaged couples to transform their lives from singleness to married life. But in spite of...

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