We’ll See!

By Jill Mattson There was a villager elder who saw a young boy, Cho, demonstrate superior skill at horseback riding. He was better at riding than any other person in the village. The villagers said, “How great!” … but the village’s great sage replied, “We’ll see.” Several years later, Cho fell from a horse and broke his legs so badly that he would never walk or ride a horse again. The villagers moaned, “How terrible.” The sage replied, “We’ll see.” Shortly thereafter, a war broke out near the village. All boys immediately went to battle, hoping to be heroes, except...

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Secret Techniques & Powerful, Transformational Energy Portals of the Egyptian Sephiroth

By Jill Mattson The secrets of the sacred Tree-of-Life in the Kabbalah tradition originate from deep within the Ancient Egyptian Temple Traditions. Both traditions regard each circle in the Tree-of-Life Blueprint (see the above figure), called a Sephiroth, as a portal of higher dimensional energy. Recall that Moses, a Hebrew, was raised as a Pharaoh’s son, giving him access to all the deepest secrets of powerful Egypt. The most important secrets of Egypt (pyramid building, mummification) were not written down (the more precious the secret, the greater the silence). Yet, the oral tradition of the Hebrews was written down…....

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The Sounds of Silence

By Jill Mattson In snow country, winter brings a season of soft, deep and wonder-filled silence. The snow absorbs sounds, creating silence that feels juicy, thick and almost “holy”.  Think to the Christmas carol, Silent Night. Yet, many find comfort with constant noise. The TV endlessly talks. Lawn mowers, traffic and more, continually add noise. We are used to constant sound-chatter. Do we escape silence to avoid feeling alone or vulnerable?  Do we hide from our feelings and innermost thoughts? To a screaming mind, silence is unbearable, but silence has gifts for us to explore. A Hindu Master, Sri...

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Secrets of Snow

By Jill Mattson A deep layer of snow blankets a pristine winter woods landscape. What a favorite scene for us at this time of year. A beautiful and serene wonder of nature occurs when colorless water paints the world white with the magical frosting of the first snowfall. We have an innate attraction to such natural beauty as it gives us peace, security and joy. Perfect snowflakes are energetic vibrations converted into substance. It is energy frozen into matter and crystallized into pure water. Energy turns into matter and vice versa in the continuous dance of this universe surrounding...

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The Colors of the Wind

By Jill Mattson The wind whistles, roars and purrs. It teases, soothes, or rips us with cold stabs to match its winter song. Poetic? Yes, but literally and subtly true. As the speed of the wind increases, its pitch rises. A diminishing breeze sings a corresponding lower tone. When the wind dances, its movement speeds up, creating musical glissandos, with its pitch gradually changing like the howling of a wolf. How much fun it is to listen to the melodious voice of the wind. You hear the wind and feel it caressing your skin. It plays with you, as...

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