Premonition Or Poppycock?

By Jesse Weiner Dreams and Visions Coincidence or miracle, delusional thinking or divine intervention, most people have experienced something they simply cannot explain. Yet it’s often easier to sweep the things that make us uncomfortable under the rug than to give them a closer inspection. Given a popular culture that espouses intellectualism over faith, it can be difficult to not only speak of such matters, let alone reconcile “reason” and “religion.” This is especially true in the case of prophetic dreams and visions. Some shrug and think such matters nonsense. Others are constantly searching for a sign. There are...

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From Sister to Shiksa

By Jesse Weiner “Are you a lesbian?” I choke on my wine. “Pardon?” “Do you like women?” My aunt raises her eyebrow. “No.” My face heats under her dubious stare. “Why do you ask?” “Why else would you swear off men to live with a bunch of women?” My eyes go wide. “Seriously? That’s what you think?” Wonders of Religion As I’ve Seen It I should’ve seen it coming. When I first converted to Catholicism, most people thought I was crazy. Questions like, “You know how they view women, right?” or, “You believe in the whole ‘Christ in a...

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