Food Sensitivities

By Irina Gilligan Food sensitivity (or food intolerance) is a very common problem that people have these days. Food sensitivity can develop in response to almost any kind of food. Gluten, dairy and sugar are among the most common causes of food sensitivities, and next in importance are peanuts, corn, soy, shellfish, and eggs. Our bodies can react to problem foods by launching an immune response, causing either food allergy or food sensitivity. Allergies usually create severe, sometimes life-threatening situations. Food sensitivity may be more challenging to detect, due to the delayed response of the body and the occurrence...

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Light is the Key to Life

By Irina Gilligan “Biophotons hold the keys tothe quality of life of all living beings.” – Johan Boswinkel Our universe is alive with energy. As Albert Einstein brilliantly realized a century ago, energy and matter are simply two forms of the same essence that pervades all existence. Our human bodies are composed of energy: visible dense energy and subtle energy, not recognized by our normal senses. Some of the subtle energy takes the form of light. Our body constantly emits weak light comparable to the visibility of a candle flame 12 miles away. Although this light cannot be seen...

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