Gut Feelings: Exploring the Enteric Nervous System and Our “Second Brain”

By Dr. Jane Brewer The sayings “trust your gut” and “gut feeling” have more clout to them than might appear on the surface. The connection between your brain and your belly is more than just a figure of speech. Your nervous system is a complex and intricate network of wires that coordinates every single function in the body. The digestive system has so many of these wire connections that some researchers call the gut our second brain. Similar to the USB wires that charge our smartphones and tablets, the wires in our body provide a source of power as...

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Vagus, Not Vegas!

Getting To Know the Most Interesting Nerve In the Body & How It Can Help Fight Chronic Disease By Dr. Jane Brewer The vagus nerve might just be the most interesting nerve in the body. It starts from your brainstem and connects to almost every single organ in your body. This remarkable nerve is typically associated with creating a parasympathetic response in the body, which is the opposite of a sympathetic, or stress response. The sympathetic nervous system is like the gas pedal in your car. It’s responsible for the fight or flight response, it speeds up your heart...

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