An Adventure in Expansion for Wellness Entrepreneurs

Our food and healthcare systems are broken. Wellness entrepreneurs which integrate the best of modern and holistic approaches will fix them. So we’re going to empower them so they can do just that.

Coaching isn’t just for athletes…it’s for all of us

Especially those of us who want to change the world. We can’t emphasize this enough – you don’t need coaching because you’re broken or have problems, but because you want to be the best expression of yourself possible. You are passionate, driven by your mission and deeply believe that the more people use your products and services, the healthier the world will be. You have already grown as an individual and now you want to grow as an entrepreneur. You are ready to work hard, get out of your comfort zone and unlearn limiting beliefs you have about yourself and what is possible with your business. If so, then you are like the 5 entrepreneurs who made it on this show.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said in this interview that the best business advice he received was to get a coach, so join us! If you’re a health and wellness entrepreneur who wants to grow your abundance triple bottom line without compromising your values, host Sandra Guy Malhotra and coach Noam Kostucki invite you to join an Adventure in Expansion on Gen R Wholistic Radio.

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If you are like our participants, this show is for you. Read on…


Our Fabulous Participants

Noam and I are looking forward to an amazing year of exploration and growth with this group. Here they are, in alphabetical order:

Jill2Jill Rios is the owner/director of Pathways Holistic Center & Apothecary in Fort Collins, CO, a growing community of holistic professionals who hold the vision that healing comes from within and through community. She believes that with the right tools and self-love, healing is inevitable. The Pathways Center holds weekly Classes & Workshops, Holistic Counseling, Naturopathic medicine, Energy Medicine, Nutrition, Coaching, Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Iridology and many other modalities.

Her goal for this program is to be present, to hear and to participate. She is looking for personal awareness and new tools to grow Pathway Holistic Center beyond her vision. Her dreams are to write, speak publically and to touch lives by holding light, sharing her experiences and raising awareness of spirit in everyday life. She would like to see Pathways in many communities all over the country starting in the Midwest. You can learn more about Jill’s healing center at and PathwaystoWellnessColorado on Facebook.

Joannee2Joannee DeBruhl co-owns and manages Stone Coop Farm, a certified organic farm that grows vegetables, fruit, berries, herbs, and eggs. Stone Coop Farm is a community based farm with over 50 working share members from ages 2 to 80 that work to grow the food. She provide tours and training on eating seasonally; what does certified organic, heirloom and GMO mean; and how can you grow fresh produce in the winter in Michigan. Stone Coop farm also has Farm to Table dinners and classes (gardening, cooking, and fermentation). She LOVES to teach people how to grow and eat REAL food.

Joannee’s goal for this program is to break the mold that farmers work from sunrise to sunset and barely make a living. That means she has to accomplish this first and then she can teach other farmers how to succeed at farming in a 40 hour work week and taking vacations too. Most importantly, she wants Stone Coop Farm to be an international resource that can train new farmers and gardeners how to grow their own food using sustainable, organic growing practices. Her Big Dream is for Stone Coop Farm to be around for the next 200+ years. She aspires to be a steward for the land, and then pass it on to the next one. Small farms CAN feed the world! You can learn more about Stone Coop farm on their website at and also at their Stone Coop Farm Facebook fan page.

Lisa2Lisa Ponichter is movement specialist with a master’s of physical therapy and trained in the Feldenkrais® Method. She believes movement is life and life is movement. We all want to do what we want to do and she loves helping others get back to doing what they love and doing it better and easier! She helps them reconnect with their natural ability to move through whole-body movement explorations. This allows one to move with more pleasure, ease, joy, strength, grace, and comfort. She relates to the heart, soul and power of this work because it gave her a life back. There was a point in her life after a fall down a flight of stairs where almost every movement caused pain. Doctors said she’d live the rest of her life in pain. Today she is pain-free and able to do the things she loves, including dance.

Lisa’s big goal with this program is to increase the number of lives she touches. Clients have wondered why this work is a hidden gem, for many tried numerous things with little results before finding Feldenkrais®! Her dream is for people all over the world to be benefit from Feldenkrais®. She wants to write a book because she feels the world’s urgently calling out for this transformative, healing work. Her long term vision is to have healing centers worldwide with Feldenkrais in the following: school programs (start kids off with tools for life), senior centers/nursing facilities (keeping aging population functioning), and within athletic/dance/music, therapy/work trainings (to prevent repetitive strain). Lisa wants us all to reconnect to the power and joy of the life in movement! You can learn more about her work at

Parul2Parul Agrawal is an International Bestselling Author, Huffington Post Blogger, Wellness Coach and Entrepreneur. She helps individuals and families achieve their full wellness potential using a holistic approach to nutrition. Her services include a variety of customizable group workshops, webinars, individual consultations, retreats, wellness luncheons, and lectures that are appropriate for individuals old or young, of all shapes and sizes. Rather than being another diet plan, an emphasis is placed on empowering families and professionals alike to develop and sustain a lifestyle of healthy living. Parul is passionate about the need to provide our present and future generations the best chance to a healthy life, and it all starts by educating families about the importance of eating food as close to nature as possible. She always encourages kids to attend all her programs and believes learning should be fun and so she implements lots of educational, interactive, nutritional games to explain the serious topic of nutrition in an easy to understand fun environment.

Parul believes that we are living in a World with new wellness challenges and that we need to provide our present and future generations the best chance to a healthy life. She wants to inspire, educate and empower individuals, businesses, governments and decision makers with proper protocols and methodologies required to live a healthy lifestyle that is adaptable, economically feasible and eventually contributes to a sustainable, beautiful, wealthy and a healthy planet. You can learn more about Parul’s programs at and

Sarah2Sarah Mask is an esthetician for 10 years who helps women and men restore, relax, and feel their best. She provides this through a unique combination of professional skincare treatments, waxing, tanning and energy work. Sarah says that it makes her feel good to be an ally for people who are having challenges with their skin. It is her passion to teach people how to take care of their skin and themselves as a whole so they can glow from the inside out. When people think of corrective skincare they often think immediately of strong peels, retinols, and benzoyl peroxides, to name a few. These treatments and ingredients have been around for a while and can be beneficial in some cases. However, she finds that the best way to really heal the skin is to work with it by nourishing it and teaching clients how to take care of it at home. By boosting the skin’s immunity and taking a holistic approach my clients will see healthy, clear, vibrant skin without the downtime and irritations that have been associated with her industry for too long.

Sarah truly cares about her clients and what is best for them. She thoroughly enjoys making them feel sexy and confident in their own skin, and providing emotional support when they go through a frustrating skin condition. Her goal with this program is to build something BIG on the foundation she’s already set up. She wants to learn how to work smarter and open herself up to new business ideas and success that she didn’t think possible for herself. You can check out all of Sarah’s wonderful offerings at

Our Hosts


I’m Sandra Guy Malhotra and I am SO EXCITED about this program! I am passionate about helping others make daily choices that provide nourishment for their body, mind, and spirit so that they can live an authentic, fulfilled and productive life. I want to empower wellness and integrative healing entrepreneurs to grow successful businesses so they can, in turn, reach many others.

I created abundance in my life, and you can, too. I started working at fast food joints in high school and saved money for college; got sraight A’s and eventually obtained a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering. After 8 years as a development engineer/scientist at IBM, I made the jump to employee #3 at a start-up in Silicon Valley. There I built a technical consulting team that charged >$10M in fees from key customers and developed valuable intellectual property, which all helped the company go public in 2011.

After this success I decided to apply my learning and experience to change how health care is practiced. I have learned how to grow a successful business, and the same techniques can be applied to health and wellness without having to compromise on our values. I created W Cubed, Inc. and Generation Regeneration Wholistic Radio on to help make our food and health care systems work for our greater good. I feature holistic practitioners, integrative MD’s, energy healers and food movement activists who provide information and inspiration. Together, we can be the change that we seek!

I am thrilled to host this monthly program on Gen R Wholistic Radio with world-class coach Noam Kostucki. Noam is an accomplished coach and speaker, is living his abundance triple bottom line, and swears he is the richest guy in the world. He followed his dreams and relocated to Costa Rica, where he runs a global coaching business for high performing entrepreneurs in between surfing, meditating and dancing. But here’s why he’s extra special: he’s passionate, brilliant, fearless, authentic, and genuinely wants you to succeed. He’s an artist and will help you create your masterpiece. With Noam on your side, the sky is the limit. Here’s his story…

NoamNoam Kostucki is a masterpiece coach. He has worked with over 25,000 people from 40 nationalities. He coaches entrepreneurs, business owners, speakers and artists. His most successful clients include Esther Perel who delivered the 40th most viewed TED talk of all time and Patryk Wezowski who raised $500k in funding in 8 weeks. One of Noam’s three books is required reading at the Fashion Institute of Technology because they found it to be the “most practical book on personal branding“. He has spoken twice at TEDx and regularly speaks at institutions like Harvard University and the London School of Economics. You can read more here:

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If you would like to learn why Noam is also stoked about this program, why he likes magic, and how he coaches clients holistically, then listen to a chat between he and Sandra below:

The 2016 Syllabus

  • January: This show will air on 1/5/16, and Noam and I will introduce ourselves, the Abundance Cubed Program, and our 5 fabulous participants.
  • February: This show will air on 2/2/16 and the topic will be establishing your Brand. Special guest Indie Lee will join Noam and me – she is the founder of her eponymous eco-chic body care line that you can learn more about here. Indie has much wisdom to share about how she has successfully established her brand.
  • March: This show will air on 3/1/16 and we will discuss promoting yourself and your business on social media, which can be a powerful tool if used properly.
  • April: This show will air on 4/5/16 and we will delve into effective website design and search engine optimization. We all put time and money into our websites, so learn how to get the biggest bang for your buck!
  • May: We are going to change gears for this show, which will air on 5/3/16, as we will discuss improving your relationship with money. For many healers, this relationship can be an uncomfortable one, but it need not be, as creating abundance for yourself is a good thing. Learn how to share your gifts and accept the abundance that you deserve.
  • June: This show will air on 6/7/16 and the topic will be proper pricing for your products and services. Now that you are comfortable accepting abundance, learn how to position your offerings in the marketplace.
  • July: Everybody loves a great story, and our show on 7/5/16 will delve into how to tell the story about your business. Think about the brands that you use religiously – you probably know and love their backstory and mission. Learn how to craft and share your own.
  • August: We would be remiss if we did not pause to discuss self-care for those that give so much to others, so the topic for our 8/2/16 show will be caring for yourself first. We’ll discuss great techniques for self-care that you can incorporate into your daily routine.
  • September: Okay, now you have a great website, social media presence, products and services, and are comfortable generating abundance … it’s time to bust through any final blocks and go forth as the confident entrepreneur that you are. Our show on 9/6/16 will help you to think and act like an audacious business owner. You built something special and deserve this. Boom!
  • October: Having a coach in your corner is invaluable, as is a mentor or two. The 10/4/16 show will discuss the benefits of finding and keeping a mentor as you continue your journey upward.
  • November: Do you aspire to write a book or present a TED talk? We hope so! Noam has done both and will convey his wisdom about achieving these milestones on the 11/1/16 show.
  • December: Oh what a year it will have been! We’ll savor how we’ve all expanded during this show, and would love to hear from you!

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If you want to learn all these amazing things, Noam and I invite you to learn along side our participants by tuning in the first Tuesday of every month and following us on Facebook. Let’s make 2016 an epic year of growth and expansion!