By Sarah Cummings

If you are experiencing that stressed feeling of not falling asleep and you’re lying wide awake at silly times, then try these simple actionable steps to form better sleep habits and get that restorative sleep that you need. You’ll find a sound night’s sleep is the norm in no time at all!

Consider Your Environment

Put in simple terms, your bedroom should be as dark, cool and tranquil as possible. Add good ventilation and a temperature somewhere between 59 and 75 degrees Farenheit, which will incite the body’s temperature to naturally fall. You’ll then be on the right path to get some zzzz’s.

You’re most likely discover that tranquility is key, although the level of serenity is very personal. Here’s the thing – whether there’s normally complete silence in your room or lots of outside sounds, the best thing for your sleep environment is to maintain consistency without loud spikes of noise.

The spikes of noise that occur are generally what wake you. You can decrease their relative volume by using a “white noise” app, for example, and this is a remedy for better sleep.

Consider Your Pillow

Pillows don’t choose themselves, and you should definitely try them out before you buy. Before buying, consider the following:

  •      Your slеерing posture
  •      Your age
  •      Your body composition
  •      Your personal prеfеrence, e.g., material
  •      Your budget

Test a few out first, but seek advice from sites like this if you have to. There are plenty of options to consider.

Just like the level of noise in your room is a personal thing, the same goes for choosing pillows. Get testing and remember that the key objective is to have both your head and neck in a neutral position along with your weight еvеnlу-dіѕtrіbutеd and fully supported.

Don’t forget that pillows can be used in other areas apart from at the head of the bed. You can also place them between the knees if you lie in a side posture to help support the hips and pelvis. Alternatively, you can try a firm pillow placed under the knees when you’re on your back to relieve the pressure on the lower back.

Consider Your Routine

Allow inconsistency to creep into your routine and havoc will reign over your sleep! Your circadian rhythm, or internal clock in layman’s terms, regulates your sleeping pattern. It can be influenced by our actions, so you have to maintain a routine.

Help your body to regulate itself to prepare for efficient reliable night’s sleep by getting that all-important shuteye and waking up at the same time.

You can also trigger sleep hormones and let them know it’s time to do their job by carrying out tasks such as brushing your teeth. Do this at a normal time in the evening and your body can begin to prepare for sleep consistently.

Drawing a relaxing bath can help induce sleep, too. The rise and fall of temperature from bathing supports the natural temperature drop we go through when sleeping.

If you fancy further harnessing your body’s likeness for habits to support a restorative sleep, then you can try introducing a soothing bedtime ritual, including such activities as:

  •      Breathing exercises
  •      Mindfulness
  •      Meditation

Bring these sleep-inducing treats into your routine and they can help to bring down your sympathetic tone and reduce the secretion of our stress hormones too.

Finally, let your routine be void of an active mind in the night times before bed. Write notes and lists if you tend to fret in the evening and deal with them at a more appropriate time, for example.


Hi! My name’s Sarah Cummings. I’ve been involved in writing informative and helpful guides for the last five years. My passion includes helping others, which led me to draw on my experiences to convey tips and pointers in an insightful way that benefits others. My love of exercise has always been a big part of my life, and I find it helps with many things, including sleep. I emphasize the importance of sleep and how it can be the difference between living a good, fulfilled life and an unhappy one. I practice yoga, too, and feel as though this pairs perfectly with my passion for healthy eating and leading an active lifestyle.