By David Gorsarch 

Nowadays it is pretty convenient to record videos – and there’s really no reason not to capture memorable events of your family. In fact, you don’t even need expensive equipment. If you have a smartphone with a decent camera, or a reasonable digital action camera, you should be fine.

In order to save some of the most memorable events for your family in video form, there a few tips that could help you to capture them far more effectively:

  • Try to record from a fixed point and keep the camera steady

Rather than running around with your video camera while recording, you should pick a spot that gives you a good angle of the subject and stick to it. If you want you can slowly pan, but you should avoid any unnecessary movement that could cause the camera to shake. If you have trouble keeping the camera steady, try using a tripod stand.

  • Look for natural moments when your family is engaged

The best way to record memorable family videos is to look for natural moments – particularly those when your family members are engaged with each other or an activity of some kind. In those moments they’re likely to forget about the camera, so they won’t be stiff or clam up.



  • Record from the eye level of the subject

As a rule you should try to record from the eye level of your subject – which may be your eye level as well for adults, but not for kids. Getting low and recording from the eye level of children can help your videos to look much better, and show things from their perspective.

  • Decide about the sound beforehand

Because the built-in microphone on most cameras leaves a lot to be desired, you should make decisions about the sound beforehand – i.e., are you going to keep it or replace it with background music or something else? If you’re keeping the sound then you should take steps to make sure it is recorded well, such as using a high quality external microphone.

  • Record lots and lots of video footage

Don’t stand around waiting for the “perfect” moment to start recording, but instead constantly keep your camera rolling. After the day is done you can sit down, go over the video footage and decide what to keep and what to get rid of – but initially it helps to have as much video as possible.

It is important that you have the means to edit the video footage that you record as well, and Movavi Video Editor for Mac can help you out with that. It is a video editing software for Mac that will make it easy for you to tidy up the video footage that you record, improve its quality, trim out unwanted parts, and compile the final video. In fact, with its help, you could even apply effects and filters, add captions, and transform it in other ways to create impressive family videos of your own.

David Gorsarch regularly records videos of his family when they go on vacation or during special occasions. He particularly enjoys compiling the footage that he records into videos so he can share it with his family and friends on social media.