By Alyssa Johnson

Every person faces the problem of choice every day. Many of them may be little and inconspicuous, but some of them influence your life significantly.  It is impossible always to take faultless decisions, but there are several ways to increase the possibility of adequate choices. One of the most efficient ways is to improve critical thinking. Developing critical thinking will help to reveal any problems and see the hidden risks in the situation, such as warped judgments or manipulations.

If you hear the term “critical” negatively – it’s because it is negative in some sense. Instead of choosing comfort and pleasure, the person with critical thinking subjects all the variants to careful investigations and skeptical analysis. It will help to exclude everything except useful and proven information.

Main characteristics of the person with a developed critical reasoning:

  • Understanding of the cause-and-effect relationship between facts and ideas of the social realm;
  • The skill of definition of the importance of arguments and ideas;
  • Acknowledgment and evaluation of other opinions, alignment of sound arguments;
  • The skillfulness in a reveal of the misfits and mistakes in the line of reasoning;
  • The reflections about the foundations of own beliefs, thoughts, and values.

We have gathered a working plan in case that will help you in building thinking skills.

Investigate facts

Don’t accept facts as they seem.

The initiatory step in developing thinking skills is the evaluation of the information you receive from outside.

Before doing what you used to do or to believe what you’ve heard, stay and contemplate the situation. Think about the essence of the issue and about the possible way of its decision. It’s only you to decide, but it would be very useful to take a minute and sum up the situation. In future, it will help you to make informed and sound decisions.

We receive tons of information from different sources every day. It is worth to count that all of this information may become a powerful tool in the moment of taking a decision. Learn and analyze this information, all the possible opinions, argument, and judgments. The more you know about the issue, the more you’ll be ready to give a reasonable answer when needed.

Play games for the brain

 Critical thinking books, brain-teasers, crossword puzzles, chest and other critical thinking activities is a good way to save the pungency of the wit and to improve your powers of apprehension. You can do it on your smartphone or in a live version with your friends. You can get essay help on any theme connected to the mind or thinking work here.

Learn to ask correct questions to yourself

Ask yourself critical questions. Come across the necessity to reach a decision, ask you: how does it work? What are the variants of the sequence of the events? Does my interpretation of the information sound logical?

When you receive a letter that promises a million of dollars to you, pause to think about the whole situation. “How your approach to this situation is formed?” “May I allow for truth in the letter?” “May I think that I can win this money from the perspective of the facts?” etc.

Rid of the thought that you are always spot-on

It is always enjoyable to understand that you are right. But if we think that our arguments are the only true, we refuse to see other points of view. Open your mind for the reviewing the alternative judgments which are reasonable too.

Believe your body and instincts

All body sciences and methods affirm that our body knows everything. It may become your best friend and the worst enemy. Using the reactions of the body, you can analyze the facts from outside. When you speak to someone and your conversation is quite pleasant and calm, but your pulse is increasing, or you have sudden pain in a head or in any other part of the body, it is a signal that something is not so simple here. Be attentive to what your body is saying to you. These and other symptoms may alert that your interlocutor is lying or he or she doesn’t mean directly what it is said. It is a good example of how our body helps us to be critical in thinking.

Always keep in mind consequences

Imagine that it is a time of the poll. You are choosing the candidate on the back of his or her promises to make the prices for the petrol lower which is good for drivers. At the first blush, it sounds great, but what if we look from the perspective of the influence on the environment? If the petrol is easy of approach, it may become a serious problem of air pollution in your region. Try always to see the situation globally, not only on behalf of a consumer, or a housewife, or a mother – this habit will certainly improve and widen your worldview.

Alyssa Johnson

Alyssa Johnson is a successful writer and a blogger. She is obsessed with psychology and traveling, and she can also give you useful tips on writing. Her favorite quote is “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect”(Stephen King).