By Deepak Sharma

Siberian Husky dogs are also popularly known as Huskies – a robust, healthy and cheerful breed. Their wolf-like appearance makes them very attractive, but unlike wolves, they are not aggressive. They have a thick attractive coat and piercing eyes that give them a distinctive and unique look.


As Siberian Huskies are high-energy dogs, they require sufficient exercise and physical activity to maintain good health and behavior. Being a Husky owner, you need to understand what makes your dog happy and engaged. Here are some tips:

Stick with a proper exercise routine

The first and foremost tip to engage your dog is to provide a consistent place to run. Dog parks, for example, are a great option. For a dog as energetic as a Husky, simple walks are sometimes not enough.

Apart from this, a proper amount of healthy food also plays a vital role in maintaining their physical health.

Get plenty of squeaky toys

Chewable toys are always a great distractor for our lovely friends. It keeps them engaged whenever you want (or they want actually). Keep in mind that Huskies have strong jaws and will need tough squeaky toys. If your pup is in playful mood, ensure they have proper access to their toys so they don’t become interested in your valuables.

Begin training early

Proper training is a must for the Husky breed. An untrained dog can cause harm to family members, especially children. Therefore, Huskies are not recommended for first-time dog owners. Always buy from a reputed and experienced breeder. The ideal training period for Huskies is between 8 and 18 months.

Socialize your Husky

A factor that is often neglected is socialization of your Husky with other dogs. Huskies are interactive and happy-go-lucky dogs who love to meet and play with other dogs. You can take your dog to the nearest park to keep them busy or schedule a play-date with a neighbor’s dog!

Play different games

You can play multiple games with your dogs. Huskies, in particular, love to play rough games. Fetching is, of course, a favorite because Huskies love to chase fast moving objects. You can simply throw your dog’s favorite toy or ball and reward them with a treat (when it fetches it back).

Another game you can play with your Husky is hide and seek. You can simply hide its favorite toy with a treat inside and then ask it to go find it.

Before owning Huskies, be aware of the fact that they have a severe issue with hot temperatures. As Huskies are sled dogs from Northern Asia, they have a very thick coat that is extremely unsuitable for hot weather. It can lead to health concerns if they are kept in an enclosed place. Therefore, Huskies owners should provide their pups with a cool place to sit, relax and play.

Deepak Sharma

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