Interview of JoAnne Palladino by Claire Boyce

Trust, Surrender and Look Within

 There is within each of us a tiny, forgotten spark of divine lucidity. A subtle heartbeat, calling each of us home. 

Are you listening?

One who listened to this divine clarion call is healer JoAnne Palladino. JoAnne experienced a profound transformation when she left her former life as a businesswoman in New York, and allowed her true vocation as a healer to be born and embodied. This took her on a life-long journey of spiritual awakening, as she shed many layers of her former identity and faced some of her deepest fears.

JoAnne’s wisdom draws from this deeply transformative journey, her work as a Reiki Master-Teacher, Channel and Intuitive, and spiritual teachings and traditions. Her insights shed light on how we can navigate this chaotic world and embrace greater self-awareness, self-love and purpose in our own lives. She has helped countless souls love themselves and to embody their own divinity and basic goodness, even during times of difficulty or confusion. Our lives can be transformed by starting from a place where we are grounded in self-love, instead of the fear many of us have been conditioned to believe in.

In this Q&A Session, JoAnne shares insights she has gleaned from her years as a healer helping many, including this author, to connect to their own inner wisdom and lead a more peaceful and meaningful existence. According to JoAnne, when we stop seeking love outside of ourselves and striving to make everything work out, and we focus on connecting with our true essence or godliness, the results can be magical. Trust and surrender are key. Her responses remind us that it is possible to bring forth limitless creativity into our lives. Healing, wholeness and peace are always accessible within, no matter our current circumstances. She teaches us to focus on the here and now, and to be in the everlasting present moment.

Claire Boyce: What was your life like before you embarked on this healing path?

JoAnne Palladino:  It feels like a lifetime ago when my journey began in 1997.  I was an administrator in the health insurance field.  I struggled with self-confidence as I carried the burden of never feeling good enough. In spite of emotional baggage and only having an associate’s degree, I successfully climbed the corporate ladder.

CB: Do you remember when you first became aware of your gifts?  What was that like?  I can imagine it was a huge transition, completely unknown to you.

JP:  Before I realized my gifts as a healer, I stripped away old behaviors and beliefs, to make space for my re-birth.  I went through a “dying process” that involved saying goodbye to my old self. The awakening was jarring, to the point that I could not function. I was out of work for months as my old identity was disintegrating – and I was frozen in fear of the unknown. In time, after a cathartic journey, my gifts began to surface.  I left the corporate world for good to express my soul’s calling to support the awakening on this planet. Though there were countless experiences of being aware of my gifts, what comes to mind is a miraculous state I was in for months.  My heart chakra was so open that I felt the “light” shine very bright. Truly no words can express what I was feeling. I traveled through this process of awakening by trusting and surrendering to what I was currently experiencing, and what may come next.

CB:  It feels like you surrendered to something deep inside of you, which does not seem to be easy in our culture of accomplishment and striving.  Can you touch on the topic of surrender?

JP:  Trusting in the unknown leads to surrender.  Surrender is no longer feeling restless with what is.  It is not about needing to change anything, but rather being at peace with whatever is unfolding. The ego does not surrender, but rather a deep knowing within us rests in surrender.  It is a state of consciousness that you begin to see beyond what you see.  You can call it God, the Mystery or Source Energy. 

CB: So, people can either choose to do what they’re doing now – blaming, fighting etc. or to surrender to what is.

JP: Each moment is an opportunity to choose differently.  You can continue to blame others for your unhappiness and continue to feed your pain, or you can shift to surrender. This is truly an opportunity for transformation.  You come back to yourself, taking full responsibility of your life.  In the book The Way Of Mastery (a channeled book of Christ’s teachings), surrender is described as a stage of perfect peace, that is the foundation, not for passivity or inactivity, but for even more activity.  This activity is grounded in clarity and love.  When you settle into stillness and listen from that vastness, you begin to be informed by the heart. 

CB: What part does surrender play when you work with people as a healer?

JP:  I surrender to being informed by the divine.  There is no questioning coming from the ego, but rather a trust in what I am feeling, seeing and hearing. It is not me doing the work, but I act as a conduit extending my gift to serve others’ healing. An important piece of the process is embracing and being comfortable with the unknown, because when someone sits in front of me, I have no idea what will show up. I don’t think, “What should I say next or what should I do here?”. I trust in the moment and that the gifts will flow through me to support this person’s journey. So my humanness, my ego, gets out of the way, and it is all divinely guided.

CB:  People are waking up, they are becoming more aware, but they are not necessarily understanding how to embody their awakening and actually live with compassion, every day. Can you speak to this?

JP:  Awareness alone does not necessarily change behaviors and beliefs.  It is what you do with the awareness that allows change to happen.  To embody a higher level of consciousness goes beyond the ego, and you begin to be informed from the depths of your soul. You water this seed of awareness, cultivate and nourish it through stillness meditation.  When you surrender to where nothing gets in the way of your awakening or enlightenment, you begin to become aware of the one who is truly “seeing”.  You can call it Christ consciousness or Buddha mind.

CB:  We’re so used to striving for things and working to get things, so the concept of cultivating stillness is a lot different from that mentality. This concept is kinder, gentler and connects us to nature and to our true selves.

JP:  It connects us to everything, everyone…all things.  You no longer live the in the three-dimensional world of duality and separation.  It is called sacred unity.   Imagine, as John Lennon said, imagine living life in peace – on planet earth. 

CB: Do you feel that when we nurture ourselves in that way, it’s not a selfish thing, but that it actually creates ripples outward that will benefit others?

JP:  Everything is energy – what we think, what we say and all of our actions have a vibration, or frequency. What we nurture in ourselves not only ripples through us, it also ripples and extends out from us. When you work on yourself to live a healthy, conscious life, you extend a high vibration out to the collective. You begin to realize that you play a significant part in our evolution, not only by healing yourself, but in supporting the awakening of all humanity.

CB: What about with things that are happening today – the violent shootings, for example – are those ripples that we have collectively created? What is the right way to deal with those ripples when it comes to negative or violent situations?

JP:  We can go way back in recorded history and see all levels of abuse.  It is heart wrenching what we humans do to each other. These acts of violence, torture and abuse have been taking place for eons, whether it is for power or greed.  We even kill each other “in the name of God”. The volcanic human eruption continues, and by no means do I mean to simplify the situation you are asking about.  I feel that a core reason for the violence is our spiritual disconnection and separation from who we truly are…love in form.  We have moved further and further away from our creator and spirituality. Duality keeps us separate from one another.  It moves us away from sacred unity, or oneness, and blurs that we are all created from the same Source Energy. If we continue to live from a dualistic consciousness, little or nothing will change. It is time to engage differently.  I will share a few ways this can be done. 

First, start with yourself.  By cultivating complete and unconditional love and self-acceptance, you will begin to “see” yourself and others through the eyes of love. 

Another consideration is to focus on what you want, instead of what you don’t want.  As Gandhi said, “Become the change you want to see.” This is a positive approach, instead of focusing on what you don’t want.  It is time to slow down, be still, and nourish the vastness within. This is where the Divine will speak to you, and you will have space to hear.

Last,  “pause” instead of habitually reacting.  This small step can be priceless and give you the freedom to choose differently which can significantly change your life. The time is now to stop seeking outside of ourselves for approval, the “answer” or love. Become more intimate with the true nature of our being – which is spirit.  Be the change you want to be, and see by living and speaking your truth. 

You are a significant being that has much to offer during this time of awakening.  May you ride the awakening wave with ease and grace.


JoAnne Palladino has been extending her divinely guided gifts throughout the US, and internationally, since 2002.  She is a Reiki Master-Teacher, Intuitive and a seasoned health facilitator who channels a Light Language called Shmaya. Her private practice is located in Denver, CO. Find her at

Claire Boyce

Claire Boyce is a writer and visual artist based in Boulder, Colorado. She recently published her first book, and her writing and artwork have been included in multiple print magazines and online journals. Her fine art has been exhibited in juried shows throughout Colorado. Find her at