By Phil Silberman

Your baby may be a twinkle in your eye, or floating comfortably within your womb, or she may be 40 years old with children of her own. To the massive and deeply corrupt pharmaceutical industry, she, and every other man, woman, and child on the planet, are seen as merely an endless source of revenue, from birth to death. According to industry magazine “Pharmaceutical Commerce” the projected global growth rate for the pharmaceutical  industry is 6.3% through 2022, up from the 5% for the 2014-2020 period. Total revenue for the industry is expected to reach $1.12 TRILLION dollars by 2022. Nearly half (45%) of that according to “GEN, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News” will be from vaccines. So, don’t believe it when the claim is made that vaccines are not a big money maker. The world vaccines market is predicted to increase at an even higher compound annual rate than the rest of the industry; reaching a rate of 7.6% during 2013–2022. Revenue from vaccines is expected to “reach $45.1 billion in 2022 as new product introductions continue and usage of current products expands further.”

Congressional Resolution 327

In May of 2017, Resolution 327 was offered in Congress “Recognizing the importance of vaccinations and immunizations in the United States.” It is curious that the authors and 35 co-sponsors felt a need to recognize both “vaccinations and immunizations”. Typically, in legislation and articles on the subject, these words are synonyms for the magic shots that will render the recipient “immune” from the intended disease. One would not, for example, expect to see a resolution recognizing the cuteness of both baby dogs and puppies. Perhaps the authors of 327 secretly understand that vaccines do not actually confer immunization, that vaccines and immunity are two very distinct and different things.

Vaccines are injected pharmaceutical products promoted for use from before the cradle to days before the grave and sold under the pretense of providing some semblance of pathogenic immunity. (As a lover of words, I think it is important to remember that the root word of ‘vaccines’ is ‘vacca’. No, not ‘vacay’, as in ‘vacation’. ‘Vacca’, as in Latin for ‘cow’. Why is this? Because the first smallpox vaccine was pus which oozed out of the udders of cowpox infected cows and was then smeared into an incision on the patient’s arm.) Immunization, however, is a body’s recognition of and effective defense against a given disease. Immunization occurs within a healthy and strong immune system overcomes a pathogen because of good sanitation, nutrition, adequate rest, and plenty of clean water.  Not because of a toxic injection.

As a citizen of these United States, a resident of the great state of Colorado, a father and a passionate participant in this thing called Democracy, I felt it was my duty and responsibility to reach out my Congresswoman, Diana DeGette, in an attempt to communicate my concerns about this resolution. This particular Representative of the Denver metro area is so enamored with all things pharmaceutical that I literally thought her last campaign brochure was an ad for the pharmaceutical industry. Even though the industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world, she felt compelled to give them massive taxpayer funded subsidies with her so-called “Healthy People 2020” initiative. I explained to her that the proposed resolution is nothing more than a pledge of fealty to the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry already has more lobbyists than any other industry. More than aerospace, firearms and agriculture. According to Open Secrets, in 2016 the pharmaceutical industry channeled more than $20 million to lawmakers. To make matters worse, the industry also has a strangle hold on America’s media. The industry’s own sources reported that advertisements inundating news broadcasts and daytime TV have increased 62% since 2012. Imagine how much media control pharmaceutical companies purchased with the $6 billion they spent on advertising last year. Do you really think that with that much revenue coming from the industry that the nightly news would air an unbiased report on vaccines? Vaccine manufacturers clearly do not need our elected Representatives’ subservient acquiescence. The citizens of this country however, do need our lawmakers to have a modicum of integrity and not simply serve the vaccine industry.

In the United States of America each individual state presently has autonomy regarding their vaccine laws. California, for example, with the passage of SB 277 in 2015, effectively eliminated all parental vaccine choice. Medical exemptions are technically still available under California’s law, but doctors providing them are being systematically persecuted. Every child, every shot. No exemptions. No exceptions. States such as Colorado, on the other hand, are preserving medical freedom by pushing back against Pharma-backed legislation and  working hard to protect the rights of citizens over the profits of corporations. The Colorado legislature, recognizing the inherent values of freedom and personal sovereignty, has steadfastly protected the rights of parents to choose what does and does not get injected into their children’s bodies.

Congressional Resolution 327 is particularly troubling in light of what other multi-national corporate interests have achieved in the ravaging of our country’s legislative integrity. When the tiny state of Vermont had the audacity to pass a consumer protective, mandatory GMO labeling law, Monsanto swooped in and immediately pushed through a much weaker, voluntary national GMO (non)labeling law that was signed by President Obama. The national law effectively nullified the efforts and intentions of the people of Vermont.

Citizens in every state are now effectively organized to protect medical freedom and it will not be surprising to see legislators at the federal level coming to the aid of their corporate sponsors to force compulsory vaccinations upon all Americans. As seen in California’s draconian SB 277, it is the desire of the pharmaceutical industry and their legislative cronies to have unlimited enforcement authority over an unlimited number of vaccinations. This should be of grave concern to all of us regardless of religious beliefs or political affiliations. Every citizen of these United States, and every citizen of the world for that matter, has (or should have) the right to informed consent. We hold the imperative to be deeply informed about the ingredients, effects and functionality of vaccines so that we can wisely decide upon their use or their avoidance.  It is critical for responsible citizens to be cognizant of the control the pharmaceutical industry has upon the official narrative about disease and health.

The official story, and those who repeat it, would have us believe that without our unwavering devotion to vaccines, western civilization would inevitably slide into a dark abyss of rampant disease and apocalyptic morbidity.

The truth, however difficult it may be to come to terms with, is that vaccines such as those for polio and smallpox have, in fact, been introduced to the public at the end of the intended disease’s natural cycle and actually contributed  to  the continuation of the disease.

Other vaccines such as the HepB shot AT BIRTH are, with any semblance of logic or any remaining shred of ‘mother’s intuition’, ridiculously and dangerously unnecessary. The medical establishment has even conceded that the HepB shot is given at day one because well, what if that baby never comes to a doctor again? HepB is most often contracted by sharing dirty intravenous drug needles and by unprotected, promiscuous sex.  It can be transferred from a HepB positive mother to her infant, but if you don’t have the disease, your baby won’t either. So why this shot? Why on day one? Here’s the harsh reality: if they can convince you to give your child a shot that is so obviously unnecessary just moments after her birth, they’ve got you. You’ll do anything they say. Your submission is then absolute. You are now the perfect, unquestioning consumer. Quite literally, cradle to grave.

Understand that the goal of the pharmaceutical industry is to create customers and squeeze out as much profit as possible. Period. As corporations, their responsibility it to their shareholders. They have a well-documented history of selling many products that knowingly caused severe injury and death of tens of thousands. Remember Vioxx from Merck? That killed 50,000 people, more than the Vietnam War. They do not care.

Why, or how, could one assume that their vaccine divisions would be any different? Do you really think they produce these products out of some altruistic motive? Would the push for mandatory vaccinations exist if there was not such a massive profit motive? In 1986, faced with mounting lawsuits for vaccine induced injuries, the vaccine industry successfully blackmailed Congress to provide them with complete indemnity. Rather than committing to make safer, more effective vaccines, the industry threatened to cease all production of vaccines unless they were granted immunity from all prosecution. This, ironically, is the only true immunity ever offered by vaccines.

Parents, hold your baby close, no matter what his or her age. Marvel at her perfection. Ask yourself, as you gaze at your child, if you are willing for your child to be nothing more than a profit center for the most corrupt corporations on earth.

Phil Silberman

Phil Silberman is a founding member of the Colorado Coalition for Vaccine Choice (CCVC). He is a designer, writer, and editor. One of his current projects is editing The Autism Helpbook, to be published later this year. He and his wife are passionate about keeping their daughter healthy and vaccine free. Learn more about CCVC at