By Mary Rust

Nine years ago, I came home from work, dropped my keys on the credenza and headed to the kitchen…  

It was a long day and I was ready to unwind.   As soon as I turned the corner, I was suddenly taken back by my husband, as he across the room from me.  His face was pale and his expression lifeless.  I knew immediately something was wrong, very wrong. We stood motionless, eyes connected, in dead silence.  The moment felt like eternity before he said, “The doctor’s office called…You have breast cancer.”

The moment you are diagnosed with cancer is a moment that you will never forget.  It’s as if time speeds up and slows down in the same instant.  You know that life will never be the same.  I’ve revisited this moment many times during my healing journey.  Each time I look back, I honor this moment with greater depth and gratitude as each day passes.  For each day that passes is a testimony of the innate healing capacity that our body, mind and spirit holds.  We are all hard wired to heal and I have been granted the unique opportunity to experience this healing presence.  I was also grateful to heal without use of chemotherapy, radiation, drugs or surgery, though I was told I would die without them.

I chose a healing path that contradicts the conventional medical system.  It has been a path of self-discovery and whole integration of body, mind, spirit and soul.  By traveling the road-less-traveled I discovered the miracle of whole-istic internal healing.  It is a miracle available to all who are willing to tap into the innate healing capacity that lies within.



As a healing guide and mentor, I’m blessed to share the lessons I’ve learned and walk hand-in-hand with clients on their own journey.  The most important lesson I discovered is that the path to healing is a personal process based on the individual and their unique set of life circumstances and experiences.  There is no one-size-fits-all plan or pill or procedure that can heal disease, nor will there ever be.  Healing is a process initiated from the inside out, not the outside in.  While there is not a step-by-step program that works for everyone, I have found a few common factors involved in all healing stories.  By adopting these common practices, you can tap into healing energies beyond physical possibilities.  This is where innate healing and true restoration begins.  Embrace these concepts and let your inner healing begin.

  1. Know that your body has the ability to heal itself. Your body, mind and spirit are uniquely designed to heal.  Perfect health is your natural state of being.  When disease is present within the physical body, it is a sign or message that something within has been disrupted from its natural state and flow.  All health and healing starts and stays from within.  Your body knows best.  Connect with this inner knowledge and ask what it needs to heal and restore.  Follow your intuition.  Trust its guidance.


  1. Cancer is a gift.   Whether you know it or not, cancer came into your life for a reason.  It serves a specific purpose for growth and awareness.  Befriend cancer.  Welcome it into our life and ask what lessons it came to serve. Allow cancer to be your personal guru.  Once the lessons are revealed, received and learned, cancer has served its purpose and will no longer be needed in your life.  Many cancer thrivers look back and say that cancer was a gift, and this is true.  Cancer is a gift…but only to the extent that you welcome, accept, and integrate it into your life.  It is your choice whether to accept or reject this gift.  Acceptance is the key.  What will you choose?


  1. Surrender and let go. Stop fighting and Start healing.  We’ve all heard the statement, “What you resist, persists.”  This is very true of cancer.  While our current conventional system is structured to fight your cancer, I encourage you to love your cancer.  Instead of waging war with your body, surrender and work with your body.  By loving and supporting your body you will tap into the innate healing capacities within.  Fighting will cause resistance and blocks the internal flow of energy.  Surrender dissolves resistance and makes room for higher healing energies to flow.  Surrender and let go.  Allow energy to flow.  This is the rhythm of Life.  It holds great value, freedom and healing capacity.


  1. Shift your state of consciousness and you will shift your state of being. Albert Einstein once said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”  If your current state of consciousness created your current condition (disease), then one must change their state of consciousness to create a new current condition (health).  Consciousness is your state of being.  Shift and “be” healthy and whole.  Remember: this is who you really are.   Health is your natural state of being.  In everything you think and do, set the intention to “be the perfect picture of health.”  Where your mind goes, your body will follow.  Set the intention for what you want to be, not what you don’t want to be.  Be health, not illness.  Be life, not death.  Live in a state of peace, love, and hope, not fear.  Be an active participant in your healing journey, not a victim.


  1. Allow feelings to flow. Let’s face it, the cancer is not an easy ride.  You will be faced with emotions you never knew existed.  They will take you to the highest of highs, lowest of lows and everywhere in between.  Feel the ride!  Feel your past and feel your present.  They need to be felt and released in order for deeper healing to occur.  When you avoid or repress emotions they will be carried and trapped within your body.  This blocks the flow of energy and many times will create disease and dysfunction.  They need to be released.  Open and allow yourself to fully feel.  Your body can no longer carry your burdens for you.  Release them and restore.

The innate healing capacity of your body is a profound tool to tap into when diagnosed with any disease, including cancer.  No matter what treatment plan you choose, integrating these five practices will help initiate your own inner healing.  They are designed to connect you to your highest energetic source and wisdom that lies deep within your soul.  Your outer world and outer circumstances are reflections of your inner world.  By going within, you start healing without.  Your healing journey starts and stays with you.  Let your journey begin.

Mary Rust

Mary Rust is the co-founder of Heart Centered Self, Journeys of Divine Transformation. Heart Centered Self provides online workshops and residential retreats for individuals to experience the healing capacity of the Heart Center and transform Life from struggle, stress and pain into the fullness of unconditional love, innate harmony, healing presence and compassion. This is where whole healing begins. For more information visit or contact Mary at