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Fads come and go, but what’s one thing that stays the same? Everyone needs a styling jacket when the trees start changing color, the air gets crisper, and that pumpkin spice latte is in hand.

It’s easy to find the hottest, new jacket, but harder to find one that will be wearable next season, especially if you’re buying later in the season. The rules to buying a winter jacket and loving it next season are simple: keep it classic, choose something you love, look around and get ready to dish out a couple extra bucks.

Keeping It Classic

The key to loving something longer than four months is finding something that’s tried and true. Make sure a winter jacket fits well and has long-term appeal. Going too trendy is a risk for next season, so go for a classic look.

Loving It

Everyone knows the classic jacket colors are black and brown, but there are other options. In 2016, the top-selling jacket colors were maroon, followed by beige/tan, indigo and magenta, according to Intelligence Node analytics. But there are also some other coat colors not-as-adventurous for those who want to stick to the basics. Try on a jacket that’s olive, gray, navy, or white.

Searching for It

Don’t stop after looking at one store or shopping online at just one site. There are so many options and so many websites where someone can find the perfect jacket. Sites like Polyvore might also be a good start. Coats aren’t just styled for weather purposes anymore—they’re made with fashion in mind. So now, the options are endless.

Paying for It

Just remember, paying for quality means the jacket will last until next season. If a jacket costs $45 at full price, it’s possible the jacket will last, but it’s probably not high-quality.

But it’s also possible to pay just a little less on a higher-quality jacket. According to analysis by shopittome.com, the best time to get a great sale online for jackets and outerwear is Saturday. In the analysis of 200 online retailers, the average discount was 51 percent off.

Must-Have Winter Jackets

After you have the four rules in mind, you’re ready to find the perfect winter jacket. Here are some winter jackets every closet should have:

Outdoorsy Jacket

Remember, trendy won’t always last for multiple seasons. Pick something that’s been around, will stay around for a while, and is a bit practical. Over the past year, the top outerwear brands include The North Face and Helly Hansen. The jacket-buying pros know not to buy these brands directly from the source. Outlets and smaller retailers that specialize in these brands usually have better prices.

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets aren’t just for biker gangs. These jackets are a staple for every wardrobe. They can be worn with a pair of fitted dressier pants, a dress, or a pair of jeans. Leather is one thing that isn’t going out of style anytime soon, so make sure to get one for this winter.

Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is a classic staple item for everyone’s closet. Search for “closet essentials” online, and it’s pretty probable that a denim jacket will be on the list. Sticking to the basic, unadorned, well-fitted denim jacket will most definitely be a forever-loved option, but there are options: over-sized, extra-long, fur-trimmed, studded, patch-covered, etc.

And denim is definitely not going out of style anytime soon. According to Intelligence Node analytics, denim jackets were the third most popular jacket of 2016. And in August of 2017, denim jackets stocked in stores went up 80 percent compared to the previous year.

Trench Coat

One of the iconic looks in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is Audrey Hepburn wearing a trench coat. If it was in style enough for style icon Hepburn to wear, it’ll probably be just as stylish today for someone to wear. A trench coat is perfect for those cold, nippy days and offers greater coverage from the cold. But what’s better is—just like Audrey Hepburn—the trench coat is a classic.


Blazers aren’t just for the office. While it’s a perfect staple piece for the workplace, a blazer can also be a weekend look. Just throw it on over a summer dress or a pair of jeans, and the life of clothing from other seasons can be extended into the winter. You can dress up or down with a blazer. The possibilities are endless.



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