By Dana Stovern

My clients frequently exclaim, “Money isn’t real to me. How do I make money real?”

Given the ephemeral nature of our digitally driven economy, money “realness” is important. With the flick of a wrist, we sling plastic cards through digital machines that move our money with the ease of air. It’s no wonder we’re experiencing difficulty in our connection with money.

What do I tell my people when they are frustrated with “the realness” of money? I visit with them about how fast they eat. What does the pace of food consumption have in common with money “realness”? A lot, it turns out.

Money and food closely relate. Money relationship sits in the second chakra of sex, partnership and co-creation. Food relationship sits just above in the third chakra, the sun center of personal power. It’s not an accident that great food, money and sex intermingle naturally.

More than once I’ve heard my clients refer to money in food descriptors. “Money is a feast and famine relationship for me.” Or “How delicious it is to have ample money.” Or “I feel so nauseous with this sour money deal.”



Lately, I’ve been coining a popular food phrase to help make money real for my coaching clients. It works like this…

You’ve heard of the Slow Food movement? This is a healthy food movement designed to slow people down and allow them relate with their food again. For example, by cooking meals, growing vegetables, eating together and talking with each other about the day’s events.

The Slow Food Movement is about slowing down and savoring our food in healthy ways. Digesting our food. Communing with food. Relating with food.

Guess what? There is something similar with money relationship. I call it the Slow Money Movement. It’s about slowing down with your money to help make money real for you. It works like this: When you engage in a money transaction, consciously slow down, breathe, feel yourself in the center of your body and notice how your body is responding to the transaction. Consciously connect. In slowing down with money, my clients find themselves savoring sacred money transactions. Experiencing the delicious honor of a money agreement in high vibration. Noticing the nuances of flavor of a money exchange gone right. When this slower money digestion and integration happens, a key money phenomenon occurs – authentic money choices appear more clearly for you, making money real again.

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Dana Stovern

Dana Stover is a money medium, founder of The Magic of Somatic Money and an emerging voice in the conscious money field. She delivers inspired Money Magic messages, encouraging her audiences and clients to explore authentic money relationships with unique money tools for deeper personal value and power. Stovern’s spiritually conscious money focus arrived in 2011 after a near-death experience and the tragic loss of her son during pregnancy. Her unraveled life triggered a “spiritual financial intervention” delivering insights, experiences and tools she now provides for audiences and clients. Learn more at