By Toni Cina

I’m a cancer survivor after no chemotherapy,
radiation or surgery. Here’s my story.

In July 2012, I was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia (myelofibrosis). Since my blood was not making red blood cells, I began getting blood transfusions every other week. Traditional medicine had very little to offer other than experimental drugs or a bone marrow transplant that carried a 5% chance of success. For several years I had been eating healthy — mainly organic — so it made sense to continue on a natural path because the body is designed to heal itself if we allow it.

After a six-month remission, it came back in June 2013. I was short of breath frequently, tired and my platelets were dropping. I also had some joint pain which was very troublesome because I had always enjoyed physical labor and I could no longer do it. The doctors felt it would continue to progress until my body gave up, which was not acceptable. I had a great life and no interest in experiencing a steady decline. I therefore decided to overcome this health challenge on my own terms.

In January 2014, I began an intense detox/rebuild program. My diet was organic and mainly fruits and vegetables, often made into soup or juices. I also added oatmeal and plain yogurt for protein. Other than the yogurt, I ate no dairy, sugar, meat or bread products. This was an adjustment and I think I missed cheese the most! There were several supplements I took to support my liver and help rebuild my immune system. I also did coffee enemas, clay packs and castor oil packs. I used only distilled water. After 2 years on that regimen, I was 50 pounds thinner and much healthier but still needed blood every week.

Next, I moved to a lower elevation and warmer climate. I began working with a microbiologist in March 2016 and his philosophy was to treat the cell mitochondria with diet and supplements. He believed that cancer thrives on sugar and cannot live in an alkaline body. Three months later my blood tests were normal and I have been cancer free for over a year.

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Incurable cancer can be cured

As a result of this experience, I know that what is referred to as “incurable” cancer can be cured. This has been a strenuous journey but I would not change a thing.

Along with an improved diet and proper supplements there were many other things that I believe contributed to my healing. I had a great support team that consisted of family, friends and helpers to prepare food, wash dishes and provide encouragement. I had a group of girlfriends who threw parties at my house where we sang and carried
on. My support team helped me stay positive and grateful. And I still had my hair!

My family was a strong reason to survive. I prayed and so did many others — even people I did not know. I meditated and got my mind straight — no more being resentful or critical. I took responsibility for, and control of, my health and followed my intuition. It’s no one else’s job to rescue you and no one knows your body like you do.

Recent studies of survivors show that most of us did all of these things in some fashion. I made it. So can you.


Toni Cina

Toni Cina is a 71-year old Regenerate Magazine reader living in Florida near family though she also has extended family in Colorado. She works part-time, goes to the gym 3 times a week and is always ready to talk about curing cancer naturally. You can find her on Facebook.