By Cynthia Stadd,  EPC

Are you aware of your top 3 food rules that are playing dictator right now?

These are the food rules that’ll determine exactly what you eat (and don’t eat) in your next meal. Food rules such as:

• My calories should be (insert number) for the day if I want to lose weight and keep it off.

• CARB is a four-letter word. Don’t eat too many… period. The most common food rule I see running, and ruining, people’s waistlines and health is:

Sugar is evil. I should always avoid it if I want to be thin and healthy.

This is the most detrimental food LAW for folks trying to permanently lose weight, regulate blood sugar and stay healthy. This dietary belief has you thinking if you can be a super good girl/guy and conquer the sugar monster by never eating it, you will be inducted into the skinny and healthy club forever.

Notice the absolute-ness about this belief. I should always avoid sugar if I want …

Choosing to subscribe to this food rule determines most of your daily food decisions. This means you spend emotional energy, time and money resisting it. It’s a stressful and sometimes emotional pursuit, especially when you live in the modern world and you’re not living in the jungle foraging for your own berries.

But what happens when you fail to follow your “sugar is bad so don’t ever eat it” food law, and you eat it anyway!? If you’re like most folks, you head into a nasty cycle of guilt and shame, followed by punishing behaviors to “correct” your bad behavior by starving yourself the next day, wildly over-exercising or even purging.\

This is being in a food war, the exact situation you’re masterfully guided to get out of in the End Your Food War online program. (

It’s indisputable that eating too much refined sugar causes hormonal imbalances, weight gain and other health-wrecking issues. However, should you make “sugar is bad” under all circumstances an indisputable nutritional truth? Should it be your food LAW?

Your body survives on glucose. You need it to fuel the things you think and do every day, so you’re biologically programmed to crave it! In the context of an overall healthy diet, allowing yourself some sugar should be considered, and dare I say welcomed, with pleasure.

If you choose to keep this as your food law, you may continue to find yourself in a stressful cycle of eating behaviors
that are wreaking way more havoc on your waistline and health than eating some sugar. I am referring to eating behaviors like overeating, emotional eating, binge eating and mindless eating.

Consider dropping this food law today to get what you want with your body size and health without diet struggle, guilt and anxiety.

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Cynthia Stadd

Cynthia Stadd, EPC is a certified eating psychology coach, holistic nutrition expert and professional speaker. She’s on a mission to help every person transform their relationship with food to permanently end diet, weight and body image struggles. For a step-by-step plan to get there, join the End Your Food War: Reclaim Your Weight, Health and Peace program. Don’t forget to use Coupon Code REGEN50 for a $50 discount!