By Linda King, C.HT., FEP, Reiki Master/Teacher, LUXMANI Practitioner

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis can be a frightening experience.
But what if we consider the cancer journey from a different perspective,
such as the lessons we are supposed to learn from the experience.
Might it be less frightening and even an important part of our soul’s evolution?

      When a person gets cancer, it may be helpful to understand why he or she got it in the first place. I’ve always admired the work of Louise Hay and appreciate her wisdom. For over 40 years, Louise has written over 65 books teaching us how mental, physical and emotional well being are influenced by our thoughts and experiences and vice versa. She believes that resentment, criticism, guilt and fear cause more problems and disease than anything else. With regards to cancer, she feels that deep hurt, longstanding resentment, hatred, apathy, deep secrets or grief can eat away at the body and cause cancer.

In Louise’s book, “You Can Heal Your Life”, she has broken down underlying causes of various conditions, problems, illnesses and dis-eases and suggests new thought patterns and positive affirmations. For specific types of cancer, one must look at the organ or body part affected by the cancer. For example, if a woman has been diagnosed with breast cancer, it may indicate that she has refused to nourish herself by always putting everyone else first. It may also indicate over mothering, over protecting and perhaps even overbearing attitudes. There might have been some deep hurt, grief, blame or resentment regarding those issues as well.

For pancreatic cancer, there may be some rejection, anger and frustration due to losing a “sweetness” for life. Liver cancer may indicate serious issues with deep seated anger and primitive emotions. Colon cancer generally has to do with fear of letting go of past issues or choosing to hold on to the past.

I have personally known persons having cancer in one of the female organs, such as in the vagina, ovaries or uterus, and often these women were victims of sexual abuse sometime in their lives. Louise herself had cancer in vaginal area and had been raped at the age of five.

I have a brother and a cousin who were both diagnosed with cancer about 20 years ago, within a year of each other. Both had lost their wives, one suddenly and one from breast cancer over the course of about a year. Both were being “blamed” by their wives’ families for the deaths, even though neither was at fault. My brother’s oncologist at Stanford University Medical Center told him he likely developed the cancer because of being blamed in addition feeling grief from her death.

Western Medicine vs. Wholistic Healing

In Western Medicine, most doctors and practitioners look at treating cancer with the removal of the tumor, chemotherapy and/or radiation. Fortunately, there are additional options.

With Wholistic Healing, it’s important to bring everything in your life into balance to create a healing environment within yourself. Look at all parts of yourself, the mind, body, emotions and spirit, before you begin the healing process.

Eliminating toxins from the body may be instrumental in beginning the healing process. Changing your diet, perhaps trying Max Gerson’s protocol for treating cancer or incorporating herbs, wheatgrass juice or Essiac would be right for you. Eliminating stress or destructive relationships may be your ticket to health.

Perhaps you might think about changing frequencies to kill the cancer. There are so many different modalities out there in the world: tuning fork therapy, Reiki, singing bowls, chants, color therapy, flower remedies, aromatherapy, crystal and gemstone healing.

Still others may turn to faith to aid in their healing. I know many people who have turned to God, prayer lists or even made a spiritual journey to Brazil to visit John of God.

Visualizations and guided imagery have worked for many persons over the years. By visualizing a tumor shrinking or melting away by a beam of light or an ocean’s wave have been proven to work.

Connecting Science and Spirituality

Everything is connected in our world, right? Our body, mind, emotions, thoughts, spirit and even our etheric body, where our memories and dreams live. They all connected with each other, the rest of the world and even the universe. All must be in balance for healing to occur.

Shamans around the world have been working with people afflicted with cancer by helping them change their way of thinking about their body and their relationship to the universe and themselves. It is ancient knowledge that we are connected to everything in the universe. It is important that we live in balance and harmony with our bodies and our environment.

Gregg Braden is an international teacher, author and lecturer who has done considerable research into how to bridge science, spirituality and the “real world” together. He has several lectures where he explains how people can be cured of cancers within a few minutes by changing thoughts, feelings, frequencies or beliefs. In some cases, medical practitioners work together chanting and sharing emotions to shrink and dissolve cancerous tumors. This is not just wishful thinking as this technology actually exists and has been proven in many different countries and various settings.

gratitude rock

Things to Keep in Mind

Love Yourself – Learn to love and accept yourself unconditionally.

Keep an open mind – Consider the fact there are no accidents or flukes when you get cancer or are diagnosed with any illness. There are lessons to be learned from having these conditions (e.g. trust, love, forgiveness, patience, gratitude, caring for others, faith, or generosity). Many people look back on their experiences with cancer as a blessing in disguise. Perhaps a major career change is long overdue or making a move to be closer to family members. Priorities may change – money or material things may no longer be important.

Don’t “Own” the Cancer – Watch the language you use. When you say things like, “I have stage 4 prostate cancer”, it sounds like the cancer belongs to you. It might be compared to throwing in the towel and resigning to the fact
that it’s going to eventually kill you. “I am working through some health issues” is better than saying you have cancer.

Use Positive Affirmations   These may include “I am in the process of becoming Happy, Healthy and Whole again”, “I choose to fill my world with joy”, “I love and approve of myself” or “Each and every day, my body is healing.”

Forgive   Know that you can do forgiveness therapy even if the person has passed on or you are not in touch with them. This is not about letting anyone “off the hook”. Forgiveness works with releasing any grudges, sadness or resentments that you have been holding on to in your heart. Again, use affirmations such as, “I lovingly forgive and release all of the past” or “I forgive anyone involved.”

Getting in Touch with Your Inner Healer Know that we all have inner guidance that resides within us. That “Inner Healer” always has our best interest at heart and knows what we should do to heal. If your intuition guides you to work with an energy or wholistic healer, then listen to it because your cancer journey could feel overwhelming and their guidance and support could be crucial.

Whether or Not You Get Cancer.… It is important to get rid of the anger, guilt, resentments, mistrust and negative thoughts. If you haven’t talked to a family member or friend for many years, it may be time to work on this relationship. Forgive and forget. Learn to truly love and accept yourself and others. Allow the love to flow – in, through and outside of yourself. Allow the love to release and heal old hurts or any patterns that are not serving your highest good.

Linda King

Linda King has been trained and certified in many areas of hypnosis, including Medical Hypnotherapy, Pediatric Hypnotherapy, HypnoBirthing and Past Life Regression Therapy with Dr. Brian Weiss and Carole Weiss, Marilyn Gordon, Kay Heatherly and Dr. Barbara Stone. She has been a professional member of the National Guild of Hypnotists since 2001. Linda offers private sessions, as well as small group “Exploring Past Lives Classes”, which involve the use of hypnosis, dowsing, the use of stones and crystals, aromatherapy, as well as flower remedies to enhance relaxation, raise vibrational frequencies and to promote recall. She is located in the Palmer Garden Office Center, 150 E. 29th St, Suite 245, Loveland, CO. Contact her at (970) 215-7606 or