Publisher’s Note for July/August/September 2017 Issue

By Sandra G. Malhotra, Ph.D.

The official government stance regarding vaccines is:

• Vaccines are safe

• Vaccines are effective

• Vaccines are necessary

But here are other facts to consider [1]:

• Number of studies showing vaccine-autism link: 97

• Number of studies quoted by vaccine inventor multi-millionaire and promoter Paul Offit showing no vaccine-autism link: 14

• Rate of autism in 1980’s: 1 in 10,000

• Rate of autism in 2015: 1 in 68

• Projected rate of autism in 2025: 1 in 2

• Number of doses recommended for the two-month baby check-up: 8

• Amount of aluminum in the in doses at the two month baby check-up: 1000 mcg

• Number of studies proving safety of injecting aluminum into human infants: 0

• Number of vaccines a child can be safely given in one day, according to Paul Offit: 10,000

• Reports from U.S. to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Reaction Reporting System) of death after vaccinations: 3,974

• Reports from U.S. to VAERS of life threatening reactions after vaccinations: 7,403

• Reports from U.S. to VAERS of permanent disability after vaccinations: 7,632

Reports from U.S. to VAERS of hospitalization after vaccinations: 28,835

• Reports from U.S. to VAERS of ER visits after vaccinations: 165,358

• Percentage of vaccine injuries reported to VAERS: 1 – 10%

And the list goes on. Is it just me, or is there something amiss between the official government stance and the facts?

The problem with this situation is that it flies in the face of the bedrock of modern medicine, which is “informed consent” for any medical procedure (such as injecting something into your body). If we are all only told the official government stance, and then bullied into a course of action, informed consent has not been given because we have not been given all the information to consider.

We are not advising anyone to reject vaccines because we are not qualified to do so and that is not our place. Instead, our goal with this issue is to provide the information that the government and medical establishment should be telling us, but aren’t, so that informed consent can be given.

[1] Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and The Healing Arts, A publication of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Vaccination Issue, Summer 2015, Volume 16, Number 2, pages 20 – 21.


Sandra G. Malhotra is the Owner, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Regenerate Magazine. She is just a little bit passionate about health and wellness being our birthright.