By Phil Silberman

According to Colorado State law, a parent may obtain an exemption from any or all vaccines for their child by simply submitting a signed “Statement of Exemption” directly to the child’s school.

The “Statement of Exemption” should include:

• Child’s Name

• Child’s Age (for privacy, NOT date of birth)

• Vaccines being declined

• The ‘type’ of exemption you are using; religious or personal belief

• Date of submission

• Your name and signature  That is all and this will need to be submitted every year. If you want a Medical Exemption you need a signed letter from your child’s doctor. Any other requests for information or demands to use a particular form are not supported by law.

You MAY be asked to do some or all of the following. NONE of them are REQUIRED:

• Fill out the “official” exemption form online.

• Print out the official form and submit it to your school.

• Have your statement notarized. Again, all that is required according to Statute is a signed “Statement of Exemption”.

free choice for exemptions

Please see paragraph three of the April 12 letter from the directors of the Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE) and Colorado Department of Education (CDE) here:

If school staff or administrators have any issues with your Statement of Exemption, simply refer them to this letter.

Phil Silberman

Phil Silberman is a founding member of the Colorado Coalition for Vaccine Choice (CCVC). He is a designer, writer, and editor. One of his current projects is editing The Autism Helpbook, to be published later this year. He and his wife are passionate about keeping their daughter healthy and vaccine free. Learn more about CCVC at