By Crystal Melanson

Healthcare today is often a very reactive business, taking money for your pain and sickness but not always getting to the source of the problem. But what if we change our perspective? What if we remembered true healthcare means having health!

Covering up symptoms is especially prevalent in the world of mental health. If you suffer from ADHD, take a pill. If you suffer from anxiety, take a pill. We are conditioned to think that while we can heal other parts of your body, the brain is some sort of exception.

Imagine knowing you can support your unique physiological needs by identifying areas of deficiency and weakness you may be programmed to have, or learning you can ditch those supplements  you really don’t need and streamline your nutrients for what your body does require. With today’s technology you have the ability to know your genetics and learn how your body is naturally programmed to take and use nutrients.  This is an important discovery which can help us over come the incredibly ignored population suffering from mental health disorders.

It has been discovered that certain genetic weaknesses, which are very common, can predispose you to depression, chronic fatigue, learning issues such as ADHD, as well as many other symptoms throughout the body. Think of how you could save yourself and your family from the pain and suffering of these issues through proactive prevention by knowing how you can specifically support your genetics.

With cutting-edge technology of a simple cheek swab, easy for any person of any age, you can empower yourself to change the paradigm of health care.

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Why Are Genetics Important

 Genetic mutations, commonly known as SNP’s (single-nucleotide polymorphisms), are typically inherited “glitches” in your DNA coding system. These SNP’s code for specific functions in your body and when you have a glitch, this can either speed up or slow down that system. This can cause problems in areas of metabolizing and delivering nutrients from your food into your cells, in creating energy in your mitochondria, detoxifying from chemicals, drugs and environmental toxins, and how your immune system may be set up to over react or under react to infections, allergies and stress.

Consider if the nutrients in all the kale and broccoli you are eating are not even being fully absorbed and delivered to cells? What if those vitamins or supplements you are taking may not be getting used in your body, or maybe even setting your health back? With genetics we can learn the answers to these questions and many more.

Through the common daily exposures to stress, experiencing traumatic events such as surgeries or accidents, or in times of high demand such as puberty or pregnancy, we can often dig ourselves into a nutrient-depleted hole. Often symptoms pop up during this time. For example, children might start to have a harder time in school or new moms dealing with post-partum depression.

This depleted state can cascade into chronic symptoms and disease and the first thing that goes in these times of stress is our mental function and mood balance.  The body is very smart at keeping us alive. It knows how to use resources correctly and where to prioritize these nutrients. The body is going to put its energy into keeping your heart pumping, your brain turned on rather than caring what your mood is like, whether you can focus at work, or if you feel depressed. What it cares about is survival.

How Genetics Affect Your Brain

There are specific SNPs identified that affect your mood and state-of-mind. When you have mutations in these codes of function you can more easily get nutrient deficiencies and imbalances in your neurotransmitters such as Serotonin, Dopamine, or GABA. When the function is not working correctly, you may have a block in the system, which can increase your risk for imbalances.

Have you ever felt like you were someone who simply can’t “brush” something off? Or when you get upset, it is hard to change your mood? Or maybe you can’t focus without your energy drinks? You could possibly have genetic mutations which are throwing off your neurotransmitter balance.

By knowing how you are set up genetically, you can support your body in the specific ways it is needed. You can know if you are at an increased need of B vitamins, a critical nutrient for healthy brain function. You can also learn how you may be able to support a healthy mood naturally with methods tailored to your needs.  You can prevent yourself from falling into a hole, but also giving yourself a ladder to climb out with if you already feel you are down there.

When You Know You Should Feel Better

 I myself have been told many times by Doctors and Specialists that there was nothing wrong with me or my symptoms were “in my head,” because there was not an explanation for my pain. But I knew this wasn’t true, my intuition told me that my body was not supposed to feel this way. By empowering myself through getting to know my unique body and how it is set up, I was able to identify what was really going on and how I could overcome my symptoms naturally.

We all deserve to have a life of quality and of optimal health and with these advances in technology and knowledge, along with an holistic approach, I believe we all have the opportunity.




Crystal Melanson

Zen Functional Wellness is a functional nutrition and holistic health practice with the mission of helping you get to the root cause of your health issues and overcome them naturally. Crystal Melanson is a certified functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner and certified natural chef who is dedicated to nourishing, educating and helping others to live life optimally.