By Lynann Dunker

If you read my first article, Angels Rock in the March/April 2017 issue, you know my life has been profoundly impacted by our God-given angels.  In this issue, I am giving you a couple of quick and easy tools to use as you allow the angels to assist you. I think of the angels as my friends. As they aren’t human and don’t have ego and personality issues human friends carry, I have discovered a closer bond with them like nothing I have ever experienced. Get ready to be amazed and cared for daily.

Just as we are told we can carry on a conversation with God at any time, the same is true for the angels. It gives them great pleasure when we reach out, ask for help and trust them. Like meeting anyone new the first time, it may feel a bit awkward. What do you say? Should you speak in formal sentences or will informal work? Should you preface your communications with “Dear” and end with “Amen”? These were my first questions.

The answer to all of the questions is: Do what feels natural and correct for you. There are no rules and certainly no formalities. Just as God does, the angels love us unconditionally. They recognize us as pure and perfect beings that are created in God’s likeness. Remember that right and wrong are not in their vocabulary. They are always caring, benevolent and uplifting.

Consulting With the Angels

If you’ve never consulted with an angel before, don’t let that slow you down. Be assured they hear us and also love to know all the details about how we feel. There isn’t a need to struggle by yourself again.

When I began my first, rather halting and somewhat embarrassed conversation with an angel, I didn’t know any names, and I had no clue if I was just talking to myself or to an actual heavenly being. What I did was to picture a beautiful guardian angel, which we all have, and stated I was interested in getting to know him/her better.  Keep in mind, angels do not have genders, however they have shown up in historic literature as traditional male or female versions. This helps us hapless humans as we don’t understand the concept of non-human very well.

To continue, I asked that I be given information about the angels and that I meet other people who were also interested in them.  Well the information came fast and furious. As my grandma used to say, “Well, blow me over!” ‘Angel’ people showed up in my life, angel cards appeared and I bought them. Books came along and in all these avenues, answers arrived which helped me feel closer to the angels. I checked information from many sources. Insights that kept appearing and made sense to me guided me in my continuing education about angels and their many roles.

While talking with your angels, whether aloud or silently, you might feel called to use an angel card deck. This is a simple and profound method of receiving insight from the angels.  Again, there are no rules or set formats. A guidebook accompanies each deck and explains using certain spreads of cards. However, I’ve found that I use whatever method seems appropriate based upon my intuitive thoughts and feelings.

angels access 101

Using the Cards

Pulling one card a day is a great way to start. The information is meant to give a measure of guidance and can contain helpful thoughts to contemplate. The angels’ information and guidance is that angels do answer prayers, keeping in mind that all of what we and they impart back and forth directly aligns with God.

In upcoming articles, I’ll share tips about using the angel cards for yourself and others. In the meantime, to find your own deck of cards, here is a link to Amazon’s price for one of my favorite (and my 1st) angel card deck:

If you’d like to peruse the large selection of cards available, the easiest way is to do an internet search for Angel Oracle Cards and you’ll find both the types of cards and the retailers who carry them. Other avenues are to look in local bookstores or spiritual stores.

Previously I’d mentioned the names of Archangel Michael (protection angel), Archangel Gabriel (messenger angel) and Archangel Rafael (health and healing angel). I’d like to introduce you to another archangel today since he came up in my card spread for the month of June. His name is Archangel Sandalphon. He is sometimes referred to as the angel of music and is also depicted as showing us how to nurture and care for ourselves through the use of soothing and uplifting music.


From the Archangel Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue, Archangel Sandalphon:

“Be very gentle with yourself at this time. Surround yourself with gentle people, situations and environments.”

With the beginning of summer and all the activities that it brings, and knowing we can’t always avoid tense situations, ask Archangel Sandalphon to help during any stressful times. He will give ideas and ways to limit your exposure to stress as well as providing coping techniques. During May, find ways to ‘retreat’, either on a vacation or even several hours or days where you find peaceful ways to uplift yourself. This also means – very importantly – to take excellent care of yourself by re-scheduling certain things or asking for what you need instead of catering to others’ requests.


From the Angel Therapy deck by Doreen Virtue:

“Listen to Your Intuitive Feelings”

The Angel Therapy deck gives angel messages from a variety of the angelic realm who aren’t always named. It isn’t surprising this card came up for June. Just as you are reading this article and connecting with your angels, they are letting us all know they are sending accurate messages from God in response to each of our needs. Ask the angels to give you understandable signs you’ll recognize to know they are supporting you. Stay open to how these signs and the angels’ responses come to you. You may also ask for faith, understanding and peace to accept the angels’ assistance.

Lynann Dunker

Lynann Dunker is a certified angel card reader. She was a feature writer for Rocky Mountain Spirit Magazine and has been a free-lance writer for other publications. Lynann is passionate about the angels and feels it is her life purpose to bring a greater awareness of them to others. If you are interested in an angel card reading, you can contact Lynann at