By Heather Muno Siebenaler

Let’s face it; most of us don’t think we can dance. Why? Remember the movie Dirty Dancing? I know every woman who watched that movie wished she could dance like Frances “Baby” Houseman (Jennifer Grey) and every man like Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze).

Do you have memories of being at a school dance on the dance floor, nearly in the middle of a full-blown panic attack? Were you imagining everybody laughing at you? How many of us were told at some point in our lives that we couldn’t dance? How many of us listened? How many of us still don’t dance for fear that this could possibly be true and that people will ridicule or laugh at us? This also could be a euphemism for other things that we are fearful of in our lives, not just dancing. All of us have moments in our lives that we reflect upon. Some of these moments get lodged into our subconscious minds as programs that repeatedly tell us we are less than acceptable, that we can’t do something, that we aren’t good enough.

Spreading Positivity

With each and every New Year, we are blessed with a New Beginning, an opportunity for a New Start, a time for CHANGE. Together, let’s change our internal dialogue and refuse to accept the “I AM NOT’S” and convert to the “I AM’S”. Let’s choose only to think positively.

We all have that internal dialogue, the chatter in our subconscious mind that chooses to point out our supposed faults and traits. When I begin to hear this chatter, I choose a “safe word.” For me, this safe word helps me to divert my thinking away from the negative and to reframe it in a positive light.

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Using a Safe Word

What is a safe word and how do you use it? For example, I had someone say to me the other day “Everyone I know wants to write a book. What makes you think that you are so special that you could get one published?” I could have construed this statement as negative within my mind. I could have chosen to listen to her, to believe her, to think I wasn’t special or talented enough. I could also choose to walk away or to change the words I was hearing so that when they entered my mind I turned them into positive thoughts.

My safe word is “STOP”; yes, simply the word STOP. Although, when I speak this word to myself, I say it ever so gently and only in a loving way. You can choose any word you would like, anything that would resonate directly with you to allow you to convert your thinking. This word is very helpful when you begin to think negatively about yourself or others.

Once I speak the safe word to myself, I then allow my heart center to open and feel love flowing freely through this center. I believe and receive positive internal messages and ignore those that are negative. This also works when you are thinking from a state of anxiety, doubt or fear. Pay close attention to your breath while you are listening to your safe word, and feel the love emanating through your heart center. I also find that journaling helps. Red ink is my weapon of choice as I have found this to be successful when I am manifesting. I will write in my journal, repeating a positive affirmation for up to 3 pages. I do this for at least seven days. Do what feels best for you. I write whatever it is I want my subconscious to believe and ultimately for the universe to hear. You have to believe it is true and feel its truth while you are writing.

For example: “I am an accomplished, published author and words flow to me effortlessly. Others are drawn to my work.”

Or, “I gracefully and effortlessly flow across the dance floor with elegance and ease. My dancing partner smiles as he is proud to guide me.”

You can apply this practice to anything you want to change in your life. With this New Year, anything is possible! This is a new beginning and you have the power within you to create a new you, a healthy, happy, prosperous and positive you! You also might find out you love to dance and oh yes, you can!

Heather Siebenalerq

Heather Siebenaler is an Inspirational/Motivational Speaker, Dreamer, Artist and Intuitive. Heather is passionate about helping others. She also infuses healing energy into her creative art, which can be found, along with her blog at She can also be reached at (970) 545-1268.