By Lynann Dunker

Angels saved my life three times in 15 years. The first two events involved me as a passenger in a vehicle and both times I was kept safe. One was with a boyfriend who was street racing on a busy highway. Somehow we avoided a major collision with three other cars. The other incident was in a torrential rainstorm. The truck I was riding in nearly skidded off a bridge into a raging river during the 1976 Big Thompson Flood in Colorado. The third event, was the most profound demonstration. Flying with my boyfriend in a small airplane we hit power lines trying to land in bad weather. We had attempted the landing twice and were on our third try. Nearly hysterical with fear, I prayed, “Keep us safe” The flash of light I saw was from power lines meeting our aircraft. At the same moment I felt an incredible calm. Fifteen seconds later we touched down on the runway in our damaged airplane but in one piece. Completely convinced that angels were sent to hold me tight and keep me safe, I began learning more about these heavenly beings.

My Relationship With The Angels

What I learned was that God created angels to assist mankind. And just as God does, they love us unconditionally so we are never bothering them when we ask for help. They can be in all places at once, just as God is. Prior to learning this, I often wondered whether people were competing for an angel’s attention. There are no heavenly service lines where we take a number and wait to be called!

We have at least one guardian angel which stays by our side throughout our life so we are never alone. Simply put, the angels act as intermediaries between God and us. When we pray to angels or ask them for assistance, it is the same as asking God as they are His messengers. From my upbringing, God sometimes felt distant and perhaps unhappy with me.

However, by studying the angels and learning to communicate with them, I have been brought closer to God. Now, I have a deep appreciation for how very loved and supported I am by Him through His angels. The angels have a hierarchy which begins with the archangels who are the overseers and rank just above angels.

Communicating With The Angels

When we need assistance, the right angels for the task are immediately dispatched. Each archangel has a specialty. My favorite archangels are Michael, Raphael and Gabriel. The Bible tells us how Archangel Gabriel — the messenger angel — announced to both Jesus’ mother and John the Baptist’s mother they would be bearing worldchanging children. Archangel Michael is the angel of protection and is shown in artwork holding a protective sword. Archangel Raphael as the angel of healing and health can assist us with finding the right health providers and helping making positive selfcare choices.

communicating with angels

Because angels and God honor our freewill, they can’t help us unless we ask. We don’t have to know the specific name of an angel or archangel to ask for assistance. I start my day with requests for safety, energy, health and wisdom. Many times I’ve requested the words I should say in important meetings or for general help during my work day. Things always go smoother, frustrations are lessened and I do feel lighter and happier. I’m not saying there aren’t still struggles and problems, but I’m given what I need to deal with whatever comes.

Although we might believe angels should only be asked for ‘big’ things, they are happy to help with even the smallest tasks like finding car keys or remembering something we’ve forgotten.

I haven’t always known how accessible the angels were, even though I am incredibly grateful to them for keeping me safe. It wasn’t until I saw a deck of angel cards in my local bookstore that I learned more about them and developed a deeper trust. The uplifting and reassuring messages the angels provided daily helped me through sadness and grief, through excitement and happiness and also through times of doubt and conflict. Keep in mind, angels are nondenominational. They are found in major religious texts as well as thousands of other historical documents. They are accessible no matter where you live, what you believe, your upbringing, lifestyle or your ancestors. In other words, angels are for everyone.

Remember to just ask. That’s it. The answer may not come as you expect or imagine. However, you will always be answered. Keep an open mind and heart, trust them, and even ask the angels to give you more faith and the wisdom to understand the answers they provide.

Let the angels rock your life starting today. They are standing by with open arms, hugging you with angel wings and ready to divinely work behind the scenes on your behalf.

The angels provided this information for you in March and April.


From the Archangel Michael Oracle card deck by Doreen Virtue:

“Sense of Humor”

This card prods us to view any problems or setbacks with the wisdom that we are all human and are prone to the real-life Murphy’s hidden in many situations. Murphy’s Law, as you may know, says that whatever can go wrong will go wrong at the worst possible time. Although this sounds awful, the upside is that we can release anger, fear and unhappiness. Realize that things always turn around and remember we do have control over much of our personal existence. So a good laugh, smile or even a nod of understanding goes a long way to relieve discomfort and allow healing to occur.

What you can do: Anytime you are anxious, angry or upset, call upon Archangel Michael and ask him to help you. Aside from dispelling fears and giving you guidance, he can show you the inherent humor in any situation. It isn’t that we are being mocked in any way. In fact it is just the opposite. We are God’s perfect children and as such nothing can actually affect us negatively. Every situation is a time to learn and grow. Diffusing with humor allows us the space to find the glory and purpose in the situation for our lives.


From the Archangel Gabriel deck by Doreen Virtue

“Allow Yourself to Receive”

Archangel Gabriel announced the births of both John the Baptist and Jesus Christ to their respective mothers in the Bible. This angel is known as the messenger angel. The card speaks to you personally to be open to receive something wonderful. This announcement can mean anything from babies and births to new jobs or careers, relationships or even gifts coming from heaven or other people. One thing is certain – you must be aware and allow yourself to receive whatever goodness is coming to you.

What you can do: Simply ask Archangel Gabriel to open your heart, your eyes and all of your senses so that you can receive. Acceptance is a huge part of receiving. If you are unsure, ask for signs that will allow you to notice these incoming blessings.

Upcoming articles will give you more information on the angels, their names and their specialties. I’ll also give you more tips on asking for guidance, understanding the guidance and also on how to do your own angel card readings.

Remember always: The angels are here to uplift and guide you!

Lynann Dunker

Lynann Dunker is a certified angel card reader. She was a feature writer for Rocky Mountain Spirit Magazine and has been a free-lance writer for other publications. Lynann is passionate about the angels and feels it is her life purpose to bring a greater awareness of them to others. If you are interested in an angel card reading, you can contact Lynann at