By Mariah Kornberg-Degear

As we swirl through the holiday season, we embark on a journey to find home, contentment and that warm fuzzy feeling of love, family and friends. The stores are filled with beautiful things and delicious treats, and there is a feeling of lightness in the air, though expectations can become somewhat overwhelming. How can we stay focused on the light and positive aspects and enjoy the essence of the holiday season?

This is one of the best assignments for essential oils. Not only are they thousands of pounds of plant material distilled into one little bottle, they are the ONLY medicinal tool that is volatile: they evaporate into thin air. They make instant contact with your brain and blood vessels through your breath as you inhale.

Essential Oils are a wonderful quick fix in a very fast moving season. As an essence, a fragrance, they evoke a feeling or memory that can be transformative and amazingly transportive. Why do you think the fragrance industry spends so much on advertising? It is so you can fall in love, hang out with a celebrity, and get lost on a beautiful island.

So, as you make your way home or just need a moment to catch your breath or go to Bermuda, here are a couple of suggestions for oils during the holidays. Use them in the bath, blend them in a diffuser, sprinkle a couple drops in your hand and inhale. Use them to clean your home and take to school or the office. They will bring you a momentary pause of grounding joy and contentment during this wonderful time of year.

essential oil, mortar with fresh herbs and bath salt on wooden background

Charmacy Holiday Favorites:

  • Chamomiles— warmth, comfort, the essence of a peaceful sleeping baby.
  • Cinnamon— the essence of your favorite spicy auntie livening up the party.
  • Peppermint— the brightness added to your cocoa after playing in the snow with your siblings.
  • Pine— the voice of reason and grounding support from your grandfather.
  • Spruce— the supportive confidence from a favorite uncle.
  • Vanilla — simple, sweet, pure, the essence of your grandmother in her kitchen.
  • Ylang Ylang— the essence of special time with your cousins, friends and the family you only see once a year.

Mariah Kornberg-DeGear

Mariah Kornberg – DeGear is the shopkeeper and owner of Charmacy in Fort Collins. She is a certified Aromatherapist and has been in the aromatherapy and traditional pharmacy industries since 2000. Learn more at