By Sarah Mask

With the holidays upon us, there will be parties to attend, family get-togethers and celebrations. Naturally, we want to look our best but may find ourselves swept up in the craze of “Peel Season”. However, certain peels may be unrealistic for a busy lifestyle as well as unappealing. This can be due to the discomfort, or the experience and subsequent result of a peel gone bad. If you can relate to either of these, keep reading!

The Right Way to Treat Your Skin

There was a time when my first recommendation for an effective and corrective skin treatment was a peel. A large part of my job during these… not so pretty treatments… was to coach and emotionally support the client through the discomfort and shedding process of their skin. They needed to know it would be worth it in the end. Granted, after the healing process, the results were great. However, the more I thought holistically, the more I began to question those peels and their value when it was all said and done.

Now that scientists have studied the long-term effects of these treatments, we know doing peel after peel forces the skin to continually repair itself. Over time, this will thin the dermal layer of the skin, which leaves it fragile, over-sensitized and loose. In no other organ in the body do we believe continued damage will result in it being healthier. These realizations forced me to reconsider my approach.

I began with the question, “Why is skin misbehaving in the first place?” In many healing modalities such as Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, skin issues such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis, etc. are found to be caused by disharmony in the body. Modern medicine and commonsense have shown that aging and pigmentation (non-hormonal) are caused by the sun and other environmental stressors. So, by only peeling away our problem, we ignore the root causes of the symptoms.


Oxygen Facial Infusion Therapy

So, should you still exfoliate? The answer depends on your skin. Exfoliating can help to remove dead skin cell buildup, clear the pores of debris, brighten and even the complexion and give you healthy youthful glow. I am still a big fan of low percentage progressive treatments in a series for some clients. However, if your skin is in defense mode, exfoliating could keep you stuck in the same cycle.

Instead, I believe in boosting your skin’s immune system versus challenging it. This can be done by a thorough skin and lifestyle analysis, using professional non-toxic ingredient based skincare line, internal wellness, Oxygen Facial Infusion Therapy, and my favorite new tool, the DermaSound.

Oxygen Therapy infuses specialized hydrosols and oxygen into the deeper layers of the skin helping to soothe, detoxify, and strengthen it. The DermaSound is an ultrasonic facial machine which uses distilled water and low-frequency sound waves to jet clean your skin (aka exfoliate) without irritation or inflammation. It penetrates product deeper into the skin using sonophoresis, as well as targets and revitalizes damaged, weakened skin cells and tissues with micro-amp/micro-current. In combination, these treatments are a force to be reckoned with!

My Target Treatments and Signature Facials incorporate both of these tools and are completely customized for you to encourage optimal vitality of your skin’s health and living cells. Book your holiday treatments now and your friends and family won’t be able to resist commenting on the healthy glow of your skin!

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Sarah Mask

Sarah Mask is a CIDESCO certified Holistic Skincare Specialist and Master Esthetician. After more the 10 years in holistic centers, medical and day spas, she has developed a holistic approach to a number of skin concerns. Sarah has received premiere international training and continues to stay abreast of her profession, bringing the latest developments in the skincare industry back to her clients. You can schedule an appointment at