By Jill Ufer, LMT, HTP-A, CYT

There is a great desire and longing in our world for a deeper connection with the Divine Source as we yearn towards inner spiritual and physical balance. We want to feel and know our bodies and how to provide for them in authentic and energetic ways. Since the body can respond to emotional imbalances through pain, tension and illness, there is a need to be released from this binding. Energy work connects us to our Source thus providing greater peace, happiness, healing and self awareness.

Initially, every energetic shift, whether positive or negative, appears in the auric or energy field which surrounds the body. Because of this, emotional trauma can become lodged in the body if not dealt with immediately. It begins to work its way from the aura into the physical body and cause dis-ease or disharmony. Through my work, chronic painful areas or energy blocks are found and cleared from the system, thereby allowing healing vibrations a way through into the body. Ultimately, our bodies were meant to be in a state of equilibrium or homeostasis. We were not created to retain long term stress nor emotional anguish.

I am passionate about my work and it is my intention to provide a sensitive, respectful and loving space for my clients. As I was born an empath and intuitive, it’s quite natural for me to read through my hands the needs of your body. Regardless of the modality I use, information flows from you and directs my hands as I massage or run energy, which is assisted by my own internal guidance. Per session, we discuss and set goals and address the presenting needs of the day. My mission is to assist you in achieving inner knowingness through gentle and peaceful guidance, therapeutic massage, energy healing and yoga.

Jill Ufer

Our energy in this world is meant for joy, health, sharing, creating, love, peace, connection, spirituality and positivity. With an open mind and heart, energy healing, therapeutic massage and mindful yoga can guide you to profound healing and clarity. It brings you home to your most true and authentic self. Let me assist you in this divine process.

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Jill Ufer

Jill Ufer has been a certified yoga Instructor since 2008, a practicing Healing Touch energy therapist since 2012 and a fully licensed Colorado Massage Therapist since 2016. Her purpose as a professional body worker is to heal the body utilizing all of these techniques. Jill has always felt the need to comfort others in times of distress and pain and it fills her heart to serve others in this way. Learn more at