Visit a Chiropractor During and After Pregnancy for True Health Care

By Dr. Candice Koch DC, BS, FIAMA  Owner of Active Chiropractic Wellness Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado Our society  does not truly understand what health care is. Many think that health care for babies revolves around “wellness” visits that are covered by insurance. Unfortunately, insurance pays for sick care. True health care is not paid for by insurance.  In my practice at the Active Chiropractic Wellness Center, I educate parents about important aspects of real health care that will impact their child’s life. Chiropractic care during pregnancy is an important aspect of true health care because getting adjusted at that...

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The Only True Immunity

By Phil Silberman Your baby may be a twinkle in your eye, or floating comfortably within your womb, or she may be 40 years old with children of her own. To the massive and deeply corrupt pharmaceutical industry, she, and every other man, woman, and child on the planet, are seen as merely an endless source of revenue, from birth to death. According to industry magazine “Pharmaceutical Commerce” the projected global growth rate for the pharmaceutical  industry is 6.3% through 2022, up from the 5% for the 2014-2020 period. Total revenue for the industry is expected to reach $1.12...

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The Sounds of Silence

By Jill Mattson In snow country, winter brings a season of soft, deep and wonder-filled silence. The snow absorbs sounds, creating silence that feels juicy, thick and almost “holy”.  Think to the Christmas carol, Silent Night. Yet, many find comfort with constant noise. The TV endlessly talks. Lawn mowers, traffic and more, continually add noise. We are used to constant sound-chatter. Do we escape silence to avoid feeling alone or vulnerable?  Do we hide from our feelings and innermost thoughts? To a screaming mind, silence is unbearable, but silence has gifts for us to explore. A Hindu Master, Sri...

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The Business of Birth

By Sandra G. Malhotra Welcome to 2018, All! The start of a fresh, new year is exciting and loaded with possibilities. For 2018, we are changing things up at Regenerate. We’ve enjoyed distributing the print magazine in Colorado for the past two years, but want to share our content with everyone, everywhere. Hence, we are moving to an online format only. We will post fresh content on the website and social media outlets on a regular basis, so be sure to stop by often. Every two months we will feature a new topic, and for January and February 2018...

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Nourishing Foods for New Moms

By Marian Mitchell (AADP) A new life was just born from your body. It’s an incredible, awesome, and incredibly overwhelming time. You lost blood, your boobs are swollen and painful, your belly didn’t bounce back to pre-pregnancy greatness, your hormones are all over the place and how do you even shower with a newborn to take care of….. The movies and books make this time sound so amazing, and let’s be honest, we ignored the warnings of how difficult the transition can be. One of the biggest challenges is cooking and eating with this amazing, wonderful and needy new...

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