By Heather Muno Siebenaler

We all have moments, even days or weeks, when we are overwhelmed with responsibilities
or worries. At those times, we are immersed and deep in thought… unaware of our
surroundings. I liken it to a speeding train, where everything outside is blurred and flashing
by rapidly. Imagine if we slowed the train down and everything came into focus.

The other day, seemingly on autopilot, I walked into the grocery store, loaded up my cart, checked and headed for the car. As I unloaded the groceries, I realized I’d had an entire conversation with the cashier and could not recall what she looked like nor what we had discussed. It was as if I had not been there.

How was this possible? How often was I not present in the moment? If I had been, I would have noticed details like what she wore, the color of her hair or eyes, what she had said or how she responded to me. If I had been present, I would have absorbed all this.

Being In The Moment

here & now

How many of us walk through life and do the same? Just existing and not relishing it. This made me sad and I wondered what I’d missed and even more so who I missed? Are there possible consequences from being so engrossed within ourselves?

As I prepared to drive away, I paused and made a commitment to myself that whenever I met another individual and a conversation ensued, I would actively engage. I would look into their eyes and make contact. I also made a pact to offer a smile as well. Being present in the moment, you have the opportunity to live your life fully, create purpose and have memories. Can you imagine how your life might change? Not to mention there might be some meaningful conversation with some truly extraordinary people.

Practice this technique for one week and let me know how it impacted your life. Imagine what you might learn, or teach another.

Heather Siebenalerq

Heather Siebenaler is an Inspirational/Motivational Speaker, Dreamer, Artist and Intuitive. Heather is passionate about helping others. She also infuses healing energy into her creative art, which can be found, along with her blog at She can also be reached at (970) 545-1268.