By Phyllis K. Kennemer

What are you doing to nourish your soul? You are most likely aware of ways to keep your physical body healthy, but how often do you think about the care of your soul. How often do you consciously replenish the life force within you? And how can you do that anyway?

If you think of your soul as the spiritual part of your being, you can visualize it as an open vessel, like an elongated tube or cup, extending through the trunk of your body. When you are filled up with the good in your life, you feel as though that cup is filled to capacity. You have energy and enthusiasm and you are ready for all of life’s celebrations and challenges.

But, what about the times when you feel defeated, dejected, and depressed? Those are the times when your cup is near empty; you feel like your energy has leaked out; your soul is in need of nourishment. What can you do?

Depressed woman

Positivity Over Negativity

“Make a conscious effort to replace all those negative statements about yourself and your situation with positive affirmations.”

As a first step, think about the values and virtues that sustain you. What do you want more of in your life and what do you want less of? You will likely discover that you want more love and less fear. Love-based emotions fill your cup; fear-based feelings drain it. The goal is to move out of fear and into love.

If you want more love in your life, begin with loving yourself. Many of us were raised with beliefs that are self-defeating. Were you raised with adages, such as “Don’t toot your own horn!” or “You aren’t good enough as you presently exist”. You might get to be good enough if you lose weight or if you gain weight or if you go to college or if you get a better paying job or if you change the color of your hair or if you get married or if you get divorced …well, you get the idea.

The second step in creating a love-filled cup is to empty it of all the fear-based emotions that have taken up residence there. If you are constantly filled with worry and doubt, there is no space available for the exuberant emotions of joy and enlightenment. You can begin this process by consciously changing your self-talk. Keep in mind that every time you begin a sentence with “I am” you are declaring to the Universe that this is who you are. How many times during a day do you say to yourself or others, “I am unattractive,” “I am clumsy,” “I am forgetful,” “I am too old (or young) to do that,” “I don’t have enough money,” “I don’t have enough time to do what I want to do.”

Change your thinking. Change your life. Make a conscious effort to replace all those negative statements about yourself and your situation with positive affirmations. Image yourself as the person you truly want to be and think of yourself as that person. You may need some reminders for a while. Write affirmations on sticky notes and place them all around your home – on the bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator door, on your bedside table…everywhere!

You can block the good from coming into your life with statements such as, “It is more blessed to give than receive.” Yes, sometimes that’s the case, but it is also true that it is blessed to receive. You can keep good flowing into your life by accepting what comes with a grateful heart. Be open to receiving.

Spiritual Practices

Daily spiritual practices help to reinforce your positive thinking. Find what works best for you. You will know when your soul is being filled with what you want most in life. Some people start the day with devotional readings. Magazines, books, and online sources offer daily messages and inspirational passages. These guides can be helpful for beginning each day and setting intentions!

Daily Meditation

Quiet sitting meditation opens the channel for allowing spiritual energy into your soul. Some people also engage in movement mediations such as tai chi, qigong or yoga as ways of making connections with spirit.

Have you walked a labyrinth lately? A labyrinth walk offers an opportunity for a moving meditation. As your feet follow the path, your soul may soar into unknown realms. As with all types of meditation, it is a good idea to clear your mind before you begin. Let go of worry, frustration, and negativity as you follow the path to the center. Many people feel a soul connection with God in the center of the labyrinth. (If the term God is uncomfortable, use a word that resonates – Spirit, Source, Universe.) The return walk from the center is a time for receiving. If you have been successful in releasing the negative energy in your life on the way in, you have lots of space available to fill with the good you desire as you walk out.

If you are unable to walk a labyrinth due to weather, distance, or other conditions, you can create the same spiritual experience with a finger labyrinth. These are available in many different patterns, made of a variety of materials. Most can be placed on a table or your lap and you can trace the path with your finger or a stylus.

Inspiration can also be found in boxed sets of wisdom and oracle cards. Many types and topics are available. The cards are used in different ways. Drawing a single card from the deck can help to give direction to the day or provide an answer to a question. Each set comes with a set of suggestions. Some of these include different layout patterns to deal with specific situations. Others can be used to establish connections with angels or goddesses.

As you nourish your soul, remember that the most important ingredient is self-love. Self-love involves really caring about and celebrating who you are. You are a unique spiritual being. You live in an abundant universe. You can have all the good you desire. Be open to receive. Each morning ask yourself, “How full is my cup?”


I am whole complete and perfect, just as I am.
I let go and trust in God’s perfect outcome.
The peaceful presence of God is within me.
I breathe out fear. I breathe in love.
I live in an abundant universe.
It is as blessed to receive as it is to give.
I trust in the healing power of God within me.
I open my heart and mind to a new order of things.
I listen to my heart. My answers are within me.
My choices come from the wisdom within.
I am living fully in this present moment.
I love myself. I am freaking awesome.
All is well. Everything is happening in its right and perfect
time and place.

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“Quiet sitting meditation opens the channel for allowing spiritual energy into your soul.”

Phyllis Kennemer

Phyllis understands that although change is a constant in our lives, there are times when it seems like CHANGE will overcome us. At those times, we need tools to help us make conscious decisions. Phyllis searched for the program that would facilitate change and chose to study NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and now has certification in life coaching, social and emotional intelligence, motivation and weight loss. You can learn more at or reach her at 970-622-0858.