By Rene Villard-Reid

The Beginning of A Spiritual Journey

Many years ago, I had a friend who was playing on a women’s softball team. She’d been up to bat and hit a line drive to center field and took off running. As she rounded second base her foot caught in a hole, which broke her stride and her leg. The fibula in her right calf snapped and shattered.

The fibula is the slenderest of the two bones in the calf located on the lateral side of the tibia. A normal fractured fibula will heal within six to eight weeks. However, as hers was shattered, it made healing more problematic. After surgery, it was believed that with time and her youth, the bone would repair itself.

However, six months later she was still in an ambulatory cast and considering a second surgery because there had been little improvement. The bone was just not healing.

As we both kept hectic schedules, it had been a while since I’d seen her. It wasn’t until she’d invited me to lunch one day that I became aware of her accident. Needless to say, upon meeting her at the restaurant the obvious first question was not, “Hi, how are you?” but “What happened to you?”

During the course of lunch she filled me in on the details. Naturally articulate, blessed with a brilliant intellect and with a wit that rivals Oscar Wilde, she was normally a great story teller. However, this was not the case today. The person sitting across the table looked like my friend, but something had hijacked her spirit and left a distracted, spaced-out individual who struggled to arrange her thoughts into an orderly manner.

With concern I commented on my observations and also made mention of the pallor in her skin. She agreed with these perceptions and admitted to feeling spacey and disassociated from present time as if in a constant state of distraction… DEFINITELY not herself.

soul survival

Healing Through The Soul

To a shaman, these are code words for a soul loss. As I stated in the July/August issue in SOUL 2 SOUL, soul loss is caused by any kind of trauma which shocks the body or the psyche. An aspect of the soul then shears off, not unlike Peter Pan’s shadow, which wandered away and eventually got lost. Enter Mr. Barrie’s rendition of a shaman in Wendy, who sews the shadow back onto Peter Pan, thereby reuniting the two and making Peter feel happier and more like himself. Recognizing the problem, I suggested a soul retrieval.

Unfamiliar with this aspect of my work, she was somewhat uncertain. Although a practicing Lutheran, she’d always maintained an interest and openness in my metaphysical beliefs. I in turn had endeavored to bridge the gap between religion and spirituality. Together in friendship, we’d always found mutual ground.

However, this was new territory. Noting her hesitation, I adopted a lighter, more conversational tone and discussed the process of soul retrieval in psychological and spiritual terms. I also stressed that my involvement was incidental to the healing, as God’s emissaries actually perform the work.

She was intrigued and agreed to give it a whirl as “it couldn’t hurt.”

We headed back to my practice and it wasn’t long before she was on the massage table and I was smudging her with sage in preparation for the healing.

In a soul retrieval or any other type of shamanic work, the shaman enters an altered state of consciousness and journeys or travels into the dream time with the intention of connecting with his/her helpers or spirits. They in turn act as intermediators between this reality and the unseen worlds.

Therefore, the first order of business was to connect with my helper and guide White Eagle. White Eagle is a beautiful master being of light who had come to me in a dream many years ago when I was ill. During the dream vision, he healed me and called me to this purpose. Since that time he has acted as a teacher, guide and protector in all my shamanic endeavors.

Soon I felt the connection with him and we went in search of my friend’s soul. As I followed White Eagle I was led to a baseball diamond. This would be considered an obvious given as my friend had already imparted this information. However, I’ve been taught to validate accurately the area I am viewing. Speaking aloud, I not only described second base where we stood, but also the outlying area surrounding the diamond. After all, there are a lot of baseball diamonds located throughout the city. My friend validated this information and White Eagle began his work.

He approached what appeared to be a crumpled form half laying across the base. He gently lifted her in his arms, turned and we rapidly moved from altered reality back to present time.

I waited until I saw him across the table from me. I then reached out to receive the soul and cupped my hands against her body. I drew in a silvery blue light from White Eagle and blew four breaths into her. This was followed by another four breaths into the top of her head. With my medicine rattle, I began a loud intense rattling which was meant to drive the soul into the body thereby reconnecting it with the physical self.

I said the time honored words of “Welcome home” and then asked her to take several deep breaths to further facilitate the soul’s reentry. I mentioned she might feel a little tingling, some heaviness or nothing at all.

As I stood beside the table, I observed a flush of color wash away the dead pallor in her face. Suddenly, her eyes snapped wide open. She said, “I can feel my leg. That’s amazing! The whole side of my calf has been numb since it was broken and now there’s feeling and tingling in it. Wow!”

Before I could advise her to move slowly in getting up, she arose in one swift movement like someone from the dead. Comically, she began to pat her body up and down and with a crooked grin said, “I’m back! I’m back!” Her eyes sparkled in mischief as she placed her index finger against her right temple. She cocked her head and with an arched brow said in melody, “I’ve got a brain!”

For someone who has been an economics professor and a business owner, missing her intellectual acumen had caused more distress in some ways than even her injury. Her sparkling dry wit had re-emerged in full force as she cavorted in her seated position like a small kid or a loose-limbed scarecrow.

A New Light

Fast forward to several months later and the doctors were pleased to find that her bone was knitting well. She would over time regain her leg strength and stability and return to sports.

Soul retrieval is a powerful tool. It can restore health and healing to a body and mind, but it does require a person who’s been called to the purpose of being a shaman. Taking classes does not in and of itself create a shaman nor does it automatically bestow the needed natural capabilities. It is a spiritual calling, that subsequently requires training, tremendous discipline and must be accompanied by God given gifts and innate ability.

The purpose of these articles is to inform and educate the public about powerful alternative ways to heal the mind, body and spirit. Miracles can be a natural part of our everyday world. After all, we are not bodies, but eternal beings embodying the physical for the purpose of fulfilling our dreams and life purpose AND we were meant to be whole in this process on all levels.

“I drew in a silvery blue light from White Eagle and blew four breaths into her.”

Rene Reid

Rene Villard-Reid is a gifted medical intuitive, shaman, medicine woman, hands on healer and spiritual counselor. She has practiced, lectured and taught for over 35 years in California and the Eastern Seaboard. Rene has been a guest on radio talk shows and NBC TV in Boston. In the 80’s she was a monthly columnist and feature write for Aquarian Voices Magazine. Rene now teaches through the medium of writing. Check out her Facebook page or contact her at