By Irina Gilligan

“Biophotons hold the keys tothe quality of life of all living beings.”
– Johan Boswinkel

Our universe is alive with energy. As Albert Einstein brilliantly realized a century ago, energy and matter are simply two forms of the same essence that pervades all existence. Our human bodies are composed of energy: visible dense energy and subtle energy, not recognized by our normal senses. Some of the subtle energy takes the form of light. Our body constantly emits weak light comparable to the visibility of a candle flame 12 miles away. Although this light cannot be seen by the naked eye, it can be measured by special equipment.

In 1974 German biophysicist Fritz Albert Popp discovered and documented the existence of a highly structured light field in biological cells which he termed a “biophoton field”. The body’s cells send and receive light impulses called biophotons. In recent decades, researchers discovered the important role that biophotons play in maintaining our physical health at cell, tissue, and organ levels. Biophotons also contribute to our emotional and spiritual well-being as well.

There are about 100,000 biochemical reactions in every cell that take place every second. Biophotons connect cells within the body and serve as the organism’s main communication network in biochemical processes. Scientists have discovered that healthy cells emit coherent light containing a high degree of order. Unhealthy cells, on the other hand, emit chaotic light. For example, cancer cells and healthy cells can be distinguished by the differences of their biophoton emissions. When the light emitted by biophotons is chaotic, there is a disruption in communication between the cells.

man holding biophotons

What causes the cells to radiate chaotic light?

A variety of external and internal factors, such as emotional imbalance, physical stress, chemical or environmental toxicity, pathogens and nutritional deficiencies affect our body on many levels. These disturbances disrupt the body’s equilibrium and create energetic blockages that affect the coherency of light in our cells. Imbalances in energy flow influence the physical body and allow illness to set in, resulting in colds, arthritis, depression, tumors or other disease.

The failure of the body’s self-healing system will continue as long as the disturbances in light emissions of the cells are not corrected. If the disturbances in the light disrupt biochemical processes and cause disease, then it might be possible to analyze the light, remove the disturbances, restore the light to a high degree of order, and return the repaired light to the body.

Johan Boswinkel, a Dutch biophysicist, was the first to apply the properties of biophotons to promote the body’s ability to heal. He developed an instrument called Chiren that measures and evaluates the quality of light our cells radiate. Chiren is able to identify the cause of chaotic light and remove the energetic disturbances, to transform the unhealthy light into coherent light and thus restore proper communication between the cells. Since 1982 Boswinkel has effectively treated thousands of people using biophoton therapy. This therapy is safe, noninvasive and generally very relaxing. It has proven to significantly benefit children, adults and animals afflicted with a wide range of acute and chronic health issues.

Our bodies possess a deep knowledge of ourselves, and know at some level the causes of disease and distress. When these causes are removed, the self-healing mechanism of the body becomes activated and the immune system begins to function most effectively, eliminating the symptoms. To feel our best, we need to address the disturbances in our bodies, restore the coherence of light and let the energy flow freely and harmoniously. Biophoton therapy is a truly holistic healing method that helps promote optimal health of body, mind and spirit.

“I firmly believe it’s only a matter of time before the importance of light energy in your health and well-being becomes more widely recognized and applied in the field of medicine. Until then, remember that your body is not only made up of tissue, blood vessels and organs. It’s also composed of light.” Dr. Mercola

Irina Gilligan

Irina Gilligan is a certified biontologist and has a Masters degree in chemical engineering. She lives and works in Fort Collins, CO and enjoys qigong, hiking, gardening, cooking. Irina can be reached at and (970) 581-5864.