By Heather Siebenaler

So, you wake up one morning and think, “Wow, this is my life;
this wasn’t what I had planned for myself”.

Now what? There must be something that kept you from achieving the life of your dreams, but what is that something? Maybe it is a rocky relationship, no relationship, family drama, job loss, the responsibility of raising kids or a demanding career. We all have that “something” in our lives.

You want more. But what is “being all that and then some”?

Sometimes it doesn’t look so pretty. “Being all that” can be the “ugly cry”. Knowing that you have to get up and keep moving even though your heart is damaged in more ways than you can count. It’s when we overcome what we think we can’t possibly overcome or we don’t want to overcome.

I would like you to know that courage is NOT the absence of fear; courage is the ability to act, even though you are afraid. It takes courage to break through that fear barrier. You can rise above with courage, vulnerability and keeping your heart open, even when it’s screaming “Shut Down!”.

You have to have faith in yourself even though you feel you are standing on the precipice, staring into the abyss. You can’t judge yourself; you must take the EGO out of the equation and move forward as though your life depends on it. Don’t focus on the “What If” or the past.

Sometimes you don’t turn around, you just keep walking, keep moving forward. You can rise above and be greater than, in this very moment, right now. It
sometimes really sucks! But, the GREATER THAN doesn’t happen until you engage COURAGE.

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not the absence of fear.”— Mark Twain

You Are In Control

You are your ship’s captain; you are the navigating your vessel through the stormy seas. You can choose to visualize your life as the Titanic; a sinking ship, or, you can visualize life on the other side of the Fear Barrier! What do you choose?

Navigate your own vessel

My father was a teacher and had the summer months off. He chose to work outside during the summers and manage a swimming pool and coach the swim team. I was 8 years old and it was the afternoon of my first ever swim meet. I was scared to death! What does an 8-year-old little girl do when she is terrified? She runs away and hides. I hid in what I thought was the most logical place, the woman’s bathroom. All of a sudden, I hear an announcement over the loud speaker, “Heather Muno, telephone call”. Really? Me? Who could possibly be calling me — how exciting!

So, I ran out of the bathroom and there was my coach, standing there. I knew at that very moment I was no longer in hiding. He grabbed me, ran down to the pool and put me on the swim block. The gun went off, I stood there, shaking. My coach pushed me in the water. What choice did I have now? I had no time to be afraid. I swam as fast as I possibly could. I put all of the energy I had into that one lap. I finished that race and this became the beginning of my illustrious and quite productive swimming career.

Sometimes we crack ourselves open and sometimes life cracks us open. Either way, it’s a blesson (blessing and a lesson).

Make the Appropriate Changes to Your Journey

You have to take your EGO out of the Power equation! You have to step back and make a pact with yourself that you won’t over analyze, and you won’t judge. You simply have to be in the present moment and really feel the experience. Feel what it is like to have what’s on the other side of the wall, as though you already have it.

I once wanted a new job so very much. But, I was afraid, what if I didn’t get the job? What if they liked another candidate better? Nobody likes to be rejected. I really wanted this job so I decided I was going to jump that FEAR wall. So I made a business card with the company logo with my name and title as if I already had the job. I posted the cards everywhere around me. Guess what? I got the job. But, I didn’t just visualize the other side of the wall, I felt as if I already had the job. We all need to put ourselves up on a pedestal, not from an ego state but rather from a LOVE state. We need to raise our glasses to honor ourselves and see ourselves as victorious and capable of overcoming any obstacle that stands in our way.

Literally visualize and feel yourself blasting dynamite through the FEAR wall. Feel the strength and sturdiness of the tall ladder you built to climb the wall. Remember those devices that catapult rocks over the castle wall in medieval times? I Imagine you are the rock being hurled over that wall and feel the wind.

We ALL have the fuel (the courage) within us to make positive changes in our lives and move past this FEAR state. Sometimes life throws a few crumbs of what you can expect on the other side. You have to let the universe know that you aren’t going to accept the crumbs; you want the whole cake! Then, go and get that cake!

I don’t want you to think that crashing through this FEAR BARRIER is easy, it isn’t. It will take commitment, energy and perseverance. You may fall. Just know that getting back up takes courage and with courage, you have the absence of fear. You got this!

Here are some ideas to help you “Be All That and Then Some.”

1. Gratitude Jar
Each day, write on a small piece of paper something you are grateful for and date it. Place the paper in the jar. When you need inspiration or a lift in your attitude, pull a few out of the jar and read them. Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership.

2. Decision Meter
We are all intuitive souls. You just have to listen. Sit in a quiet place and become present. Take a few deep breaths. Tell yourself something you know to be true. Now, really feel whether this is true or false (yes or no). Where in your body do you feel the answer to this question? In your heart center? In your gut? Everyone is different but realize where you feel your truth. Now, say something you know to be false. Where do you feel the answer to this question? It will always be felt in a different area than your truth answer. Use this when you need to make a yes/no decision. This is a powerful tool.

3. Meditate
Each and every day, try to find 10–15 minutes or longer to just sit with yourself. Quiet your mind and feel the love in your heart. Visualize and feel yourself already living your dream.

Go ahead. Go Be All That And Then Some!

Heather Siebenalerq

Heather Siebenaler is an Inspirational/Motivational Speaker, Dreamer, Artist and Intuitive. Heather is passionate about helping others. She also infuses healing energy into her creative art, which can be found, along with her blog at She can also be reached at (970) 545-1268.