By Shanti Medina, CYT, CPT, CNSF


Neurosculpting® is a whole-Brain Approach to heal trauma,
Rewrite Limiting Beliefs, and Find Wholeness.

It is a cutting-edge meditation modality integrating mindfulness and neuroscience into a simple five step whole brain approach to transform limiting beliefs into unlimited potential. Neurosculpting® was developed in 2007 by Lisa Wimberger to empower practitioners to live a life powered by intention through self-directed neuroplasticity.

Unique to the Neurosculpting® methodology is its structure and intentional whole-brain engagement designed to support the management of stress through specific languaging syntax and proven steps to down regulate the hyper-arousal states while simultaneously up regulating the higher executive functioning of the brain.

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Step 1: Down-regulate flight/fight/freeze response to calm the nervous system.

Step 2: Enhance activity in the higher executive functioning of the brain.

Step 3: Increase activity and communication between the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Step 4: Imprint the meditation for easy identification and replication in day-to-day activities.

Step 5: Choose a name for your meditation.

How does a healthy brain handle stress? It reacts and responds in the moment, then releases the emotional charge. Many of us get stuck in patterns that prevent this natural healing from happening. Founder Lisa Wimberger developed this empowering meditation process to help her heal from her own life experiences and traumas from chronic seizures after being struck by lightning at age 15, to living a life as a single mother on food stamps after a divorce.

The Neurosculpting® Institute is proud to announce Warrior One: Immersion into Practical Neurosculpting® with Founder Lisa Wimberger. Click here to learn more about this training program!

“I used my emotional regulation tools to help pull me out of my downward spirals. A decade later I own a global Institute with 47 franchises across the country, I have written multiple Neurosculpting® books and audio programs, and have been seizure free because of these tools”says Wimberger referring to the new online Warrior One Immersion.

Neurosculpting® meditations offer effective and easy to learn practices, supported by neuroscientific research. This high caliber self-paced online immersion into the How and Why of Neurosculpting® is perfect for beginners as well as advanced meditators. Students take this immersion to create lasting transformation and many use it to fulfill one of the core prerequisites to become a Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator.

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PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Interested in learning more about Neurosculpting® and Body Current® with creators Lisa Wimberger and Shanti Medina? These are amazing modalities, so I don’t blame you! Tune into the 5/12/15 Gen R Radio podcast Called Transformation and Regeneration from the Inside Out.

Shanti Medina

Shanti Medina, CYT, CPT, CNSF, created Energize training systems and Body Current® therapeutics after more than 15 years designing personal therapy and transformational wellness programs for clients. She is a certified Neurosculpting® facilitator and is the Director of Development at the Neurosculpting Institute in Denver, CO where, as a faculty member, her Body Current curriculum is part of the Neurosculpting Facilitator Certification program. To find out more about Shanti, visit: