By Noam Kostucki

Lisa is a writer and I was introduced to her by one of my clients. During her first session with me, we explored her unfulfilled dream of having a TV show. The next day, she received an answer from the universe and sent me this email:

“Today, a TV producer called me to say she’s passionate about my topic and she wants me to have a regular show. It’s a paid gig! Isn’t this a beautiful immediate result?”

She had the idea of a TV show for long time, but until our call it seemed like an impossible fantasy. Within less than 24 hours, the dream was reality… as if magic happened. Psychiatrist Carl Jung called these meaningful coincidences “synchronicities”. I don’t believe in magic, nor in supernatural powers. I referred to these events as “random statistical coincidences”. Today, I know that I was wrong.

When I studied engineering at university, I learned about observing patterns and deriving formulae to explain nature’s behaviors. The fields of neuroscience and quantum physics indicate that synchronicity is possible; that reality is not linear. Chinese philosophy focuses its attention not on the linear progression of “what causes what”, but instead on “what likes to happen with what”. Today I’m sharing for the first time my observations regarding synchronicities:

• What activities synchronicities seem to like to happen with
• What characteristics synchronistic event seem to have

I don’t claim to “know” how synchronicities work. What I’m sharing is the result of my personal experience, helping over 25,000 clients transform their dreams into reality and what others have described in the past. I have observed that synchronicities are more likely to happen when the following activities occur on a regular basis:

• Meditating
• Self reflection and introspection
• Talking about how one feels here and now; living in the moment
• Practicing fearless honesty
• Keeping a healthy body
• Slowing down, sleeping full nights
• Focusing one’s attention on topics one normally doesn’t think about
• Learning about new ideas and concepts
• Meeting new people
• Talking about one’s vision, desires, dreams
• Focusing on serving others
• Focusing on one’s ability to respond to different situations
• Exploring blocks from the pasts and obstacles in the present
• Talking about synchronicity

Here also are the characteristics of activities that increase the probability of synchronicities. The first is what I refer to as the Compound Quality. When the above activities are done in parallel, and repeatedly over time, they have a compound effect: the combined probability is much greater than by doing just one activity a lot over a short period of time. Also, the higher the combination of activities, the more the probability of synchronicity increases.

The external environment is also key. Regenerate Magazine publisher and editor Sandra Malhotra also hosts the Generation Regeneration radio show on, and together we created the Abundance Cubed group coaching program. We chose five inspired wellness entrepreneurs and are group coaching them on ten business topics in 2016. Their transformations have been incredible to watch. Furthermore, I’ve observed that the five Abundance Cubed entrepreneurs seem to experience more synchronicities than most of my clients, and synchronicities seem to happen to them simultaneously. Most of my clients are more conventionally successful than the Abundance Cubed participants: they focused more of their time and attention on developing good business skills and as a result they create great financial abundance. The
Abundance Cubed participants are wellness entrepreneurs and they have four characteristics that are different from most of my conventionally successful clients:

• Due to the nature of their work, they spend most of their working days practicing the activities that nurture synchronicities
• Outside of work, they all actively practice the activities that nurture synchronicities
• Due to their holistic perspective, the Abundance Cubed entrepreneurs are aware of synchronicities and are actively looking for them
• Through the Abundance Cubed group coaching, they’re closely working with other people who practice activities that nurture synchronicities

Based on the above observations, as a true engineer, I have created 3 formulae to understand better how synchronicities work:

• Activities that nurture synchronicities + repetition over time = increased probability of synchronicities
• Increased probability of synchronicities + focused attention on creating a masterpiece = new opportunities to serve more people and do what you love
• Serving more people + doing more of what you love + focusing on creating a masterpiece + increased probability of synchronicities = abundance

The funny thing about abundance is that it’s not always the way you expect it to be. I know of people who gained abundance by making a lot of money, and others by losing money. It is easy to understand how the first group is richer: their bank accounts are bigger than they ever were before. The second group is richer because they have discovered a new way of living. In these cases, having less money in the absolute translates into having more cash available to spend on meaningful things.

The topic of synchronicities was for a long time was taboo in my world. I have created a website called The Art of a Magical Life ( to share my personal explorations, and to help others on their journeys. I invite you to consider the following:

If synchronicities could happen to you on a monthly basis, what difference would it make for you?

If you experienced synchronicities on a weekly basis, what difference would it make for you?

If you nurtured synchronicities on a daily basis, what difference would it make for you?

I love you all. Keep creating, keep shining!


Noam Kostucki helps create masterpieces. He works with entrepreneurs to raise funds, business owners to grow their company and investors to create a legacy. His books were featured at Stanford Technology Venture Program, the Business Entrepreneurs Academy and the Fashion Institute of Technology. He is the co-host of Abundance Cubed, the VoiceAmerica radio show for Health & Wellness entrepreneurs. Learn more and reach out to him via