Leveling Up (to be a continuing feature on the back page)

Introducing the Abundance Cubed Coaching Program

Sandra G. Malhotra

Our food and healthcare systems are broken and not serving our highest good. It is our belief that wellness entrepreneurs who integrate the best of modern and holistic approaches will fix them. So Generation Regeneration Wholistic Radio (gr.voiceamerica.com) host Sandra Malhotra, and coach and creator of miracles Noam Kostucki (artofamagicallife.com), are going to empower them so they can do just that.

We will accomplish this by coaching them to Level Up because coaching isn’t just for athletes … it’s for all of us. You don’t need coaching because you’re broken, but because you want to be the best expression of yourself possible. You are ready to work hard, get out of your comfort zone and unlearn limiting beliefs you have about yourself and what is possible with your business.

Noam and I started the 2016 Abundance Cubed group coaching program in January for five entrepreneurs who were selected from an impressive pool of applicants. Noam conducts a group coaching session each month, and then on the first Tuesday of the following month, we dedicate that Gen R Radio episode to the previous month’s coaching session. Our goal is to not only help the five entrepreneurs in the program, but anyone who wants to follow along by listening to our radio show, reading the same books, and following our Facebook page. Our first Abundance Cubed show aired on January 5th, and during it, Noam and I introduced the coaching program in detail. On February 2nd, we covered the first group coaching session on the topic of Establishing Your Brand, because doing so is critically important and not as easy as you may think! Successful entrepreneur and founder of eponymous eco-chic beauty line Indie Lee (IndieLee.com) joined us and shared many insights about how she established and built her brand.

Here are the topics for upcoming Abundance Cubed episodes on Gen R Radio:

  • March 1: The focus will be on promoting yourself and your business on social media, which can be a powerful tool if used properly.
  • April 5: We will delve into effective website design and search engine optimization. We all put time and money into our websites, so learn how to get the biggest bang for your buck!
  • May 3: Changing gears for this show, we will discuss improving your relationship with money. For many healers, this relationship can be an uncomfortable one. Learn how to share your gifts and accept the abundance that you deserve.
  • June 7: The topic will be proper pricing for your products and services. Now that you are comfortable accepting abundance, learn how to position your offerings in the marketplace.
  • July 5: Everybody loves a great story, and this show will delve into how to tell the story about your business. Think about the brands that you use religiously — you probably know and love their backstory and mission. Learn how to craft and share your own.
  • August 2: We would be remiss if we did not pause to discuss self-care for those who give so much to others, so we’ll discuss great techniques for self-care that you can incorporate into your daily routine.
  • September 6: Now that you have a great website, social media presence, products and services, and are comfortable generating abundance … it’s time to bust through any final blocks and go forth as the confident entrepreneur that you are.
  • October 4: Having a coach in your corner is invaluable, as is a mentor or two. This show will discuss the benefits of finding and keeping a mentor as you continue your journey upward.
  • November 1: Do you aspire to write a book or present a TED talk? We hope so! Noam has done both and will convey his wisdom about achieving these milestones on the 11/1/16 show.
  • December 6: We’ll savor how we’ve all expanded during this show!

Check back in the May/June issue for an update on the Abundance Cubed program. You can also participate by tuning into our radio show the first Tuesday of every month at gr.voiceamerica.com at Noon Pacific time, or catching the podcast On Demand. Also don’t forget to like our Abundance Cubed for Wellness Entrepreneurs Facebook page for great insights!




Sandra G. Malhotra is the Owner, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Regenerate Magazine. She is just a little bit passionate about health and wellness being our birthright.