by Sherry Adams

Now, in winter, there’s a brisk chill to the air that often sinks into the bones causing body aches. Who doesn’t seek the cozy comforts of the many forms of warmth on a cold day?

As a massage therapist I like to use sticks and stones to warm your achy bones. You can visit a spa that offers unique massage experiences that bring warmth and relaxation to the body, mind and soul and experiment with those ideas at home. You may be familiar with the standard hot stones massage, but why not enjoy the benefits of Himalayan salt stones? When Himalayan salt stones are warmed they release negative ions that create a calming atmosphere, which is why they make such great lamps and candle holders. Salt by its own nature destroys bacteria, which is why it’s used as a preservative. You can use Himalayan salt stones in a warm shower or bath to detox and exfoliate the skin. The warmth and trace minerals in the Himalayan salt stones are absorbed into the skin to ease muscle aches and pain.

Another alternative is Mu-Xing or warm bamboo sticks. There are a few different shapes and sizes of bamboo sticks that can be used warm or cold to flush the muscles out and increase circulation and promote relaxation. Rosewood tools are also used to refine the massage and hit the pressure points to release trigger points. For those of you who fight pain with pain these tools can deliver exquisite pain (the hurt-so-good kind of pain). Essential oils can be diffused by warming them or they can be added to any of these therapies for your benefit. A knowledgeable aromatherapist can create a blend just for you or suggest one of the many blends already created for your health need or your massage. Not all essential oils are food grade, but some are and can be added to any tea or recipe. I like to put a few drops of lemon or peppermint oil in my hot tea and breathe in the aroma.

There are other forms of warm massage therapies that will help keep the chill out and warm the bones this winter, such as hot Thai coconut or herbal balls. Think of the herbal balls as healing compresses that help relieve pain, and the coconut balls help nourish and restore the skin’s moisture. A simple herbal compress that you can make at home is to put a couple handfuls of lavender flowers on some cheese cloth or other natural material, tie it up and steam it. Use it on achy muscles or add to your bath like a tea bag. Either way you will enjoy the aromatherapy. If you’re treating yourself or visiting your favorite massage therapist you may feel a little euphoric after your spa treatment, so give yourself some time to reflect and tune in to your body.

Sherry Adams has been a Reiki Master and Teacher since 1998 and a massage therapist for over seven years.. She specializes in Asian Bodyworks and Energy Transformations. She offers several classes and practices out of Charmacy, 1220 S. College Ave,. Fort Collins, Colorado. Call (970) 682-2925 or (970)219-9378 for appointment.


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