by Les Jensen

The movies have shown us countless times a hero representing “good” sparring in an epic battle with some villain looking to trash humanity. This longstanding mythology also implies that there is a hidden power within history’s Great Masters, affording them the ability to ward off any evil-doers. Yet here we are today, waiting for the hero to make a grand appearance.

Perhaps what we are really waiting for is the ability to master our own authentic power. Maybe the new paradigm represents a legion of masters arising out of our collective story. And perhaps, just perhaps, one of them is you.

It is a timeless story, really. Those legends who have mastered this paradigm have become part of our own human story on Earth. Could it be that the same potential exists within you? All signs say “Yes.” Jesus even said, “You can do everything I have done, and more.”

This new idea of power involves part inspiration and part purity. This new arena of thought also includes quantum physics and sacred geometry. Indeed, these are vehicles of power expressed. However, there is one more component needed in order for each of us to embody the master experience. And that is to embody our own Divine Power.

Power flows best when balanced and pure. The first step in manifestation begins in the feminine, as the answer to our intent or prayer. The pure energy of the solution is then presented.

The masculine then comes into play to bring the manifestation into form. A pure masculine persona can take the energetic imprint from the feminine and create the physical manifestation of it. When you blend the sacred geometry of the feminine with the quantum field of the masculine both of these attributes together make the whole process much more succinct.

Let’s get back to our story of a Master being born. If we look at history, no masters waved their wands to transform whole cities into some sort of glowing utopia. For example, Gandhi did not repel the British in a single moment. There wasn’t one single event that enlightened the world, rather a series of actions over time that created change.

When we look at your story of becoming a powerful person, it will show up best in the wake that you leave. The authentic power in you is tireless and indestructible. It exists at your very core, awaiting your desire to understand it and master it.

It is your very purity that will ramp up the power level in which you are able to proceed in your life. And this is where the unresolved energy within your own personal energy persona comes into play. Like film that has been partially exposed, you cannot capture the purity of your divine inspiration unless your own personal energy is pure. That is the doorway to living the “master’s tale.” Begin with your heart. Purify it by unconditionally loving every face of humanity.

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall know God (creation). Understand that the infinite potential that allowed the villain to create torment and fury is the exact same potential you have used to create the life that you have right now. To the universe, the two of you are identical, so accept your role in this big picture of our human story now. Trust in your ability to leverage the universe on more powerful levels. There is no end to the power you will regain as you purify and cleanse your own heart’s ability to love. The infinite nature of Divine Love is always within you seeking a portal of expression in you, through you, as you.

It’s time to awaken the Master in You!

Working in broadcast television with energy emitted from high-power transmitters, Les grasped the language he would use in his spiritual writings. His book, “Citizen King: The New Age of Power,” guides readers to live authentically and powerfully to fulfill the vision of their heart and soul. To purchase, visit


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