by Lynette Chilcott

J.D. Messinger offers a message of enlightenment which comes across like warm, mellow candlelight on a frigid winter’s night. Born of a medical crisis, his spiritual self took root long after he’d experienced a distinguished and lucrative career in the corporate world.

“Amorphous constructs, such as ideologies, philosophies, religion and politics, are labels we as a people have created,” stated Messinger, a world-renowned business leader turned inspirational speaker and author. “When these views are challenged, resistance and anger are experienced, which can lead to violence, terrorism and war. Our confusion becomes a source of suffering. When your soul wants to go left but the world is pushing and pulling you to go right, it rips us in half. There is a battle between the head and the heart and the material world.”

During a telephone conversation, Messinger shared deep insights laced with an earnest desire to promote wellness within the world. His approach is a combination of intelligent common sense and complex philosophy, all hard-earned.

Messinger’s bio reads like the résumé of a Type A superhero.

He is one of 37 distinguished graduates from Annapolis’s class of 1981, a former fireman and a nuclear submarine officer who served on three submarines during the Cold War. In the corporate world he became an executive with Exxon, a crisis leader for the Valdez oil spill, and finally CEO of Ernst and Young Consulting (Singapore).

In early 2000, he broke his neck and almost died. Although unfortunate, the circumstances he faced became a catalyst for him to reevaluate his life.

Once recuperated, he retired from the corporate world and shifted focus to promoting human potential. Messinger founded Essence Enterprises, where he trained 50,000 members of the Singapore Ministry of Defense in crisis response after 911 and SARS.

As if that weren’t enough, he created, produced and hosted a social entrepreneur television show, followed by the CNN radio program Global Evolution, aired in over 100 countries.

Not ready to rest on his laurels, Messinger wrote his first book in May 2012. The tome, 11 Days in May — The Conversation That Will Change Your Life, was so named because of the time it took to formulate from the preface to last page. An anthology of 36 parables of a man attempting to discover life’s greater meaning, the book went on to win five awards as well as hitting #1 on Amazon’s science and religion, spirituality, self-help and personal development categories. It follows one man’s quest to solve eternal questions such as: Who am I? Why am I here? and, Where did I come from?

“Providing a framework to discard conventional wisdom,” said Messinger, “my book guides each reader to explore their beliefs and fears and find their own truth. Although it is a conversation from me to my higher self, the book wrote itself — a channeled writing. I refer to it as Writing on the Wall, or WOW. It includes information that was absolutely not mine and a lot of things in there are a little frightening. The parables ask big questions and there is no way I could have invented or created it.”

Much of Messinger’s material mirrors historical concepts of ancient religion and spirituality. He acknowledges belief in God, but had no previous scholarly awareness of many of these ethical ideals.

Some of the points Messinger highlights are: the majority of people are struggling to survive in a deteriorating economy, unsure how to vote, whom to trust and what to believe.

He attempts to shatter illusions by offering several revelations.

  • Everyone must choose between who and what they love more.
  • There is a science called religion and a religion called science.
  • Nothing is not-good.
  • Matter is not solid.

“When you change what you believe, you change what you see. Find your light, which is your power,” added Messinger.

One of his basic tenants is that what binds us is far greater than what divides. This Binding Force is everywhere and everything and it is the most powerful force in the universe.

Within this Binding Force we are pure energy, photons and eternal spirits; everything is interconnected as well as interdependent; we have invisible gifts to hear, see, feel and know, to create wonders for ourselves and the greater good.

If life itself were a marathon, Messinger would be at the head of the race. Striving and reaching full potential time after time has given him insights from both the judicious left brain and a creative spiritualism from the right. Yet he is not just the sum of his many accomplishments, but a bright light of wit and wisdom.

“I believe it has become my calling to bring the essence of this news to the world,” said Messinger. “I came from a very pragmatic background so I attempt to integrate fact with spirituality in a way that reaches both practical business types as well as those who are more transcendent.”

The two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. Messinger shares stories of people who latch onto his lessons simply because his personal experiences have made it okay to do so, whereas it might have seemed otherwise inaccessible to them.

An excerpt from Messinger’s book explains how a proposed transformation in the collective consciousness of humanity is taking place:

“We the people find ourselves at a once-in-a-lifetime tipping point, a dramatic awakening. A shift is occurring for humanity, and it is divinely ordained. It is a time when the people must unite and speak out so that all sides understand we must leave behind selfish desires from the World of Form.”

“From the Creator’s point of view, never before in the history of humanity have so many needed so much, or so few controlled so many. The lovely corollary is this: Never before have so many known so much or been so enlightened.”

Lynette Chilcoat has been a freelance writer for nearly 20 years, regarding every current assignment as top priority. Each subject she addresses takes precedence in her life, aside from family, friends, pets and plants, whose presence remind her to lighten up.



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